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  1. I'm growing a cactus. cephalocerus senilis (old man cactus). I know this is GRASS CITY, but come on. once you start growing, you need to branch out to other types of plants.

    anyone have any info? what kind of nutes, soil, etc? it's not overly complicated but I'd still appreciate some additional information. thank you!
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  9. I believe there is a General Gardening section on this site...

    You may have better luck there... :rolleyes:

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  10. someone could have just said that, but I don't have access to a computer. I'm on my mobile app which only let's you use the marijuana section. so I've to improvise /: thanks tho, I'll try another section.
  11. thank you very much friend. it's an old man cactus, it has gray hairs all around it, it looks really cool. I also have a lithops from Africa. shits pretty sweet. thank you again for the link.

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