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  1. Hello everyone
    Come join along with my first cabinet grow!!

    Today i just found an old dresser that i had laying around. Moved it into my room and now i plan on using it to make a stealthy grow. For now my seedlings are just leaned in the corner of my closet and i have black and white poly all the way around it.

    Some background info:

    Strain: Skydog from willyjack seed co. (only growing one plant)

    Lights: For now i am leaning my 40 watt fluoro in the corner of my closet until i get my cabinet all set up. I have a 400 watt HPS light, which i plan on using right away here for vegetation, but i am going to hook up my cabinet first.

    Ventilation: I have a fan that i picked up from my local hydro store and it sucks all the air out of the cabinet. I plan on making an intake on the bottom left and having this fan at the top right side. I am using a charcoal filtration system for smell.

    this is going to be a soilless grow. I am using aroma formula nutrient program along with promix soil.

    Heres some pics of my seedling leaning in the corner :

    I measured the cabinet and it is only about 3 and a half feet tall. I'm thinking this space will be big enough, might get a little squished near the end of flower but i can handle it.

    I have to keep this grow very stealthy so i am being very very cautious with everything. I plan on taking the two shelves out of my cabinet tomorrow and using black and white poly to cover all the walls and doors, today is the first day that i am switching over to vegetation.

    Hope you guys come take a seat and follow along, I will be updating as soon as possible :)
  2. You need more than one plant. 50% chance it's male, and you're fucked.
  3. That plants is SSTREEETCCHIING!!! move the cfl closer...or put in hps as soon as possible. Good luck man. peace
  4. Yah but thats a risk im willing to take. These seeds have good chances, i was talking with a grower at my local hydro shop who planted 50, 46 were female.. 4 male. pretty good odds.
  5. that doesnt matter. ALL seeds have 50% chance of being male. the guy in the shop may have got lucky, or he may just be trying to sell his product. you cant just say "these seeds have good chances" cos theyre all the same. and from my experience, it usually more towards 60% male. so prepared for the worst, that way if you get a fem, great stuff!!. if you dont, try again. LOL. i have 1 Super Skunk plant growin at the mo. i bought 10 seeds, i have 4 left and this is the first female i got.
  6. lol well i am just prayin its a female. All i gotta do is hope. If it turns out male then i guess i'll start over. no big deal :D lol.
  7. UPDATE:

    Well guys i took some pictures of the cabinet and of the seedling. (those first pics were from last week) two new leaves have popped up. heres a link to the pics (i also have a picture of the cabinet which i am going to be using -

    I've had the lights on 24/0 for an extra week because my friend who was originally supposed to water them and keep lights on them for me did not do his job properly, so now i am thinking that tonight i will switch to Vegetation, running it 18/6 . turning it off at 2 am and turning it on at 8 am. Do you think my plants big enough to start vegetation? (im just lookin for some opinions)

    I have began to poly the inside of my cabinet, i hope i can finish the poly up and hook up the 400 watt HPS for tomorrow. Then this baby will start to grow, just gotta hope that its gonna be a female :) hehe.

    well thats all for now, please share some opinions/ suggestion i would really appreciate it!
  8. Any more stem and you might as well be dealing with a palm tree...hehehe, looks good though, leaves look healthy. On your next transplant, try and cover a little bit of the stem with soil, that way the plant gets more support and the stretch isnt that obvious. I would try and get the lights closer. If you are using CFL, you should be able to get within 4 or 5 inches of the plant without any risk of burning it...keep your eyes on it though.

    I am gonna follow this grow


  9. hehe, yah its stretching a bit, but thats only because currently i only have a 40 watt fluoro on her :( i have a 400 watt HPS which i can hopefully get all rigged up in my cabinet for tomorrow.

    Anyone know when i should transplant? i am starting vegetation tonight.. so probably right away right?
  10. hey, although I am not exceptionally experienced in the growing process (with 3 or 4 successful grows under my belt like a few of the "experts" on this site) i do have a couple friends who do larger operations so i have learned a lot for them. Apparently, marijuana plants grow best if started off in a smaller container and then continously upgraded into larger and larger pots (when the roots become visible through the drain holes in the pot) because it keeps the root system developing "outwards" and not just straight down. The most productive and healthy plants have wide root system (hence why multi-plant operations require the plants to have seperate pots) and thats why starting with a small container and progressivly increasing the size helps the plant grow faster and with better results. It seems like the single plant is in a rather large pot, what is the size exactly?

    Lemme know some more information (age of plant, size, growth patterns, etc) and i will try and help you out best i can. The plant (in general) looks very healthy. The leaves are broad and proudly displayed. I think its a real gutsy move only going with 1 plant, because if you get a male, you have wasted all that time and resources....unless your aiming for a nice batch of "cannabutter" lol.

    Keep us posted with the details, I might transplant into a smaller pot before you put it under the HPS (which technically should be used for flowering...the yellow spectrum is used for flowering...typically MH is used for vegitiation -white/blue spectrum-) to stimulate the root growth.

    Stop by my forum and check out my grow..i am going stealth as well, but with 6 plants...i aint risking ending up with no females lol



  11. sorry, but what are on about "are my plants big enough to start veg? do you mean to say youve had the lights on 12/12 so far? vegetation is the FIRST stage in plant growth and development. that plant is vegetating right now. after veg comes pre-flowering, then flowering.
  12. i wish to correct what i believe he was trying to get accross.. I believe he has been running the light 24/0 for the first little while. And now he is going to "vegetate" the plant now on 18/6 (which is good for the plant needs some darkness). Just so you know skydog, vegitation is the stage which you are going through now (pre-veg= 24/0 veg= 18/6 flower =12/12) and you keep the plant in this stage until it reachs maturity and is able to be sexed...then you flower...and reap the rewards of the harvest ;)


  13. I have taken a picture of my pot size that it is in now, and also the pot i plan to transfer it to right away.
    (by the way can anyone tell me how to properly post pics up? I can only link it to my gallery)
    heres a pic of the pot that it is in now:

    and heres a picture of the pot i plan to transfer it into:

    I also took some new pics of the plant today, check them out (you can see two new leaves slowly growing in) :

    I started germination at my friends house (this is where i originally wanted to grow) i bought 5 skydog seeds, 3 of them germinated properly because my friends screwed the other two up. It was a drive for me to get to his house and everytime i went to check on my plants he was not home and i did not get to mix up my new batch of nutrients every 4 days, apparently he was leaving the lights on all day and shutting them off at night ... which makes me angry because i told him to leave them on ALL the time. So he screwed that up a bit and thats why this plant isnt to its full potential yet. I brought it to my house because he wasnt doin a good job and i could only bring one, i have had it for 10 days now and already its showing signs of improvement. So today is day 10 of me having it.

    The HPS light that i bought contains a little bit of each spectrum (i paid a little extra and the guy at the hydro store said i could use it all the way through my plants life cycle)

    Today i started putting poly up in my cabinet, heres what i have so far:

    i still need to cut a hole for my light to fit into and also cut a hole for the out take fan and a little intake hole. just gotta find some power tools around here.

    hehe, great grow you got going flex, love the idea of the budweiser case! :D i'll keep on updating!

    cheers :)
  14. Can anyone tell me when i should transplant to my bigger pot? is it too early to do it now?
  15. just so you know, there is no such thing as pre-veg. 24/0 is bad for your plant AND your electricity bill.
  16. LOL. well from what i've learned from OVERGROW.COM, they suggest running your plant under 24/0 for 2 weeks to establish roots. then switch to 18/6 then finally 12/12 for flower.. this is the way i chose to grow my plant and its running GREAT! plus i only have it under 40 watts.. not much for electrical bill lol. please post something that will help me instead of saying "my way is wrong" thanks.
  17. that is true, i have heard that from NEUMOROUS sources as well, and i mean, i would definitly put them under 18/6 now...if you havent done so already. Thanks for the comments, i pride myself on my stealthiness...

    Yeah, as for the
    your gonna come hard cross getting a shitload of compliments on this site for your setup or what your doing. I guess constructive feedback keeps you learning, and the "city" offers a lot of that lol.

    I think you have a pretty good setup and although i have never heard of a lightbulb that has a little of the whole spectrum, i am sure it will work a hell of a lot better the the CFL you were using. Make sure you invest in either Mylar or tinfoil (dullside out) to increase the light reflection in the box. You will definitly notice a change when you add it.

    Keep us (me) informed...


  18. shit man i wasnt telling you "your way is wrong". and come to think of it, it aint your way anyway. im sure that people may have advised you towards 24/0 and there IS a huge debate over 24/0 VS 18/6. i was just trying to tell you what ive had best experience with. if you dont want advice, dont ask for it. and im sorry to be a bitch but with results like this after only 40 days veg, im sticking to my way. p.s. i WAS trying to help. just seems like OG hosted a whole different bunch of people.
  19. alright well tomorrow i have decided i am going to transplant my plant into my bigger pot. just_blaze_it i know you were just tryin to help but i've never heard of anybody starting there seedling at 18/6 and i did not mean to be ignorant hehe, never heard it before but now i know.. of course this is my first grow and i am only going by what i have researched from previous sites. everyone has there own techniques and i needed to run this 24/0 to try to get it more healthier plus the 40 watt fluoro is not a very strong light.

    so tonight is my first night of 18/6 and i plan on doing this for one month. When i transplant tomorrow i will cover up a bit of the stem to give it some more support and i am working on hooking up my 400 watt HPS as soon as possible, just gotta cut a hole in my cabinet and put the fan in.

    I am covering my whole cabinet in black and white poly for reflection. unfortuntely i dont have a reflector for my HPS light.. i can do without for a bit i guess, no big deal. 400 watts on one plant is plenty of light (at least i think so)

    check out my gallery to see pics of the cabinet and plant so far!
  20. the reflector-less HPS will still be a massive improvement. its another 50,000+ lumens. you can also make your own reflector, although the thought has always given me the willies. LOL. sounds like you got everything under wraps. keep us posted! :)

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