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Cabinet Grow, 150 hps, almost light safe!! with pictures

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by GrassBass, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. So this is my first grow and its all very exciting
    Im using bag seed, with your average potting soil with 20% perlite. Im using rain water for watering (heard it was the best) havent started using nutes yet but i have a 20-20-20 im just not sure when to start using it.
    I have a 150 watt hps set up with 2 46watt cfls and 2 26 watt cfls.

    There seems to be a problem with my plants, they are kindof turning browm at the ends of the leaves, and i can see i couple brown dots. Does anyone know what might be the problem???

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  2. hows your ventilation ?
    and airflow?

    whats the current temperature in there at the moment?

    my plant has the same problems and is also falling apart. ph levels need to be around 6.2 or so ...
    humidity around 60%

    and temp to around 76

    im currently working on my cab while i try to salvage mines

  3. Ventilation is not so good, i set up the cabinet last night and am currently just leaving one of the doors open like 4 inches ( light leaking isnt really a problem for me) i have a small desk fan in the corner that seem to be doing ok. is it too small maybe?

    the temp is normally around 25 degrees not exactly sure what that converts to
    i unfortunately dont have a Ph tester yet so i can check them ( im using rainwater because i was told it has the perfect Ph)
    humidity is very low 30% or less. How can i bring that up? an open glass of water maybe??

    Thanks for the Help
  4. This is awesome, you have basically the same exact setup aside from the enclosure.


  5. fill a container ... tupware ... half full of water ..
    close the doors
    so you can control the humidity
    right now you have your door open
    so it no worky

    for me i have a cabilet with two partitions one door per partition at least i have some sort of ventilation invented on one side while i work on the other before i move the plant.

    i have been all wrong since the beginning but o my ... how much i have learned ...
  6. i basicaly have the same setup, you and go to lowes or some place and get these 3inch circle vents there messed in the back, so no real light comes out, and attach a computer fan two the top 2 for exhuast and one to the bottom with a fan on pulling air in and you should keep it nice and cool
  7. You want a MH bulb or daylight cfls. 6500k, The HPS will cause streatching.

  8. I did some research and thats what most ppl have done, i started doing that the other day and the humidity has gone up a lil, its at roughly 35% right now. The problem with closing the doors at the moment is that it raises the temp of the cabinet to like 35 :S so i've been avoiding closing them both

    And i think i will get a pair of little fans to circulate air in and out. I'll probably set them up on the right wall at the op and bottom.

    The plants seem to still be curling and browning and i still dont know why?? frustrating...
    Thanks for the help
  9. You should get two more clamp on lights with the Y adapter and four more cfls and turn off the HPS for now. Use the HPS when your ready for flowering.

    Or something.. :smoking:
  10. shit, should i shut off the hps then?? whatever research i did seemed to think that its ok to have hps's on for the full growth of the plant or that it was even recommended.
    I can put 2 more cfls in now, but i dont know what to do with the hps now...shit.
  11. What size cabinet is that and where did you get it thank you
  12. the cabinet is 3 feet high, by 3 wide and 2.5 deep. the cabinet is part of the basement sink setup I had to do was clean it.

  13. HPS works fine for veg. If the light is too far from the plants, then the plants will stretch as if too reach the light.
  14. 30-40% humidity is fine.
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    HPS should work fine for an entire grow but turning it off would address your heat issue so that you could possibly close your cab some and get the humidity up.

    On second thought for what you'd pay for additional CFL lights to get more lighting without the HPS in there you could probably get your ventilation straight for the HPS and get everything in check.
  16. This thread is almost a year old. Not sure how valuable this info is now. Hopefully he fixed that light leak before flowering...

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