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Cabinet Back Up and Running

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by CarloMarx, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Long time no see, Blades!

    I didn't really want to dedicate a whole thread to this, but I was having trouble finding folks I'm used to seeing around these parts. After a significant hiatus due to travel and life in general, I've returned to good ol' GC after being away from the chill vibes for too long.

    I'm a small space grower so what I contribute is never too exciting. But I am excited to share cabinet v2, which has been modified with efficiency in mind. What you don't see is the housing for the light and fan which has changed significantly after some rethinking. In addition to that, reflective lining has been added, filter shelf added, intake holes added, and screen added. The goal is to turn the operation into a perpetual op, with the vegging obviously taking place in an alternate location.

    Right now I've got Da Bear running from G45 (don't know if he is still around), Strawberry Cough, some girl scout cookies knockoff, and a freebie autoflower. Whatever was laying around was planted as the seed vault is getting low these days. The goal for this run is to finally start smoking on something DIFFERENT. Been smoking the same strains for way too long.


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  2. Glad to see you back at it!!

    G45 is still around.

  3. nice looking cab! :metal:
    i hear ya on needing variety, gets boring smoking the same thing every time.
    what kind of light are you running in there?

  4. Good to see you back dude!

  5. welcome back carlo! (TJ here)
  6. After looking around I've found more blades than I expected still hanging around [​IMG]

    Thanks for the welcomes. Scoobie, I've got a 400W cool tube hidden up in the upper compartment along with a whisperline fan to vent it. Things are pretty tight up there [​IMG] I'll snag a photo of the setup in the portion to show everyone. Before this point I was still running a cool tube, but it was too big for the upper compartment so it had to be hung in the grow area, which really killed a lot of space with ductwork, filter, etc. Long story short, it is a huge improvement for it to not be seen. I bought a much shorter tube and attached it almost directly to the fan to free up space in the grow area.

  7. I've attached a shot of what the cabinet looks like from the outside. Nothing has really changed in terms of outward appearance.

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