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  1. :hello:First off Hello guy's I've been lurking for a while now getting ideas for my own cab which is built and running however im running into an issue. My cab is made out of a file cabinet completely gutted, homemade ebb n flow, speakers (yes speakers to hook up mini ipod for the ladies ) a 120 mm intake fan and 3 80 mm fans built into carbon scrubber to exhaust. Lighting is 90w UFO LED now here's the issue... Leaving the LED on with fans constantly running temps reach 94-97 with 0 percent humidity. On top of that I have a 6 inch fan aimed down on the ebb n flow. Mind you all this is a dry run, I had issues with leaking on the ebb n flow but they have all been pluged up. Now here's my idea, I've been researching cooling idea's and came across a peltier cooler. Now I know that with the peltier one side get hots while the other is cold. If I get an aluminum heatsink and bolt two 120 mm fans on the hot side it sould bring it down to a point where it would cool the other side faster, now if I put the cold side heatsink to my 120 mm it should bring down my temps but I dont really know if it would be woth it and would it bring down my temps to the required level 70-75. The ladies are currently in a pc planter but I was trying to transplant them to the cab asap but as you can see hit this hurdle. Any Ideas, any help much appreciated:confused:

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  2. we need to know how big the cab is and what the cfm 's are on the those fans to have better idea of whats going on. i will tell you that those ufo do put out heat not a lot but in a small space its cumulative and you need to vent the space more than you would think
  3. Could you post a pic of your setup? Im looking forward on this LED light for a small cab also, u could help me with it :)
  4. Ask and ye shall recieve... the 120 mm fan brings in 110 cfm while the three 80mm bring in 90. The dimensions are 2.1x 1.3x 4 the black strip is velcro which I use to adjust the fan either up or down, also I installed a PWM for the fans but will probably switch it out when I pick up the peltier. Black thing is carbon filter with activated carbon inside and the two bottles are for homemade c02 which will do next grow. Also I added a fountain pump to help purge whever nutes would be left hence the circular thing on the ebb n flow and the spout is an easy filler. Now I'm aiming for stealth because I have very inquisitive family members so the less noise the better.

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  5. Well the peltier was a bust but just put one of my ladies in her home wish me luck guys
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    update: Figured out just leaving my closet doors open keeps the temps at around 80-82 degrees while at night drops to about 76 will update with some pix soon

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