Cab grow. Purple Haze. Seeking Advice.

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  1. Hello Blades. I wasn't going to make a post for this grow, Its my first and well, my learning curve. Its been really exciting and I have definitely learned a lot. However I need some serious help on this girl and her home.
    A little backround...
    Grow space: 2x2x4 Cab
    Lighting: Lumatek 400w running 250mh/250hps with 33w broad spec light.
    Ventilation:LACKING. 2 12v cpu input, 1 250cfm exhaust, 2 small circular fans
    Temps range from 77-80 with the cab open 100+ closed up :eek:

    G13 Purple Haze seed germinated sept. 1 and soil bound sept. 5. vegged till nov. 1 transplanted then vegged 1 more week. So Nov. 8 First day of flower. Preflowers were showing around week 5-6.
    She has been sporadically lst'd all her life not much cropping
    Nutrients are for veg 5-1-1 fish fertilizer, FF Grow big, for flower FF big bloom and the fish fert up till week 3.
    On week 3 I did a fish fert foliar application, WHOOPS! stinky buds. hopefully it wont taste bad:smoking:. I think this may have been bad idea.
    Pics are from Nov 27.
    more and better quality pics will be upload when your interested!

    Please critic, ask questions, Help a blade

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  2. Fish is a Nitrogen fertilizer.....and dangerous to spray as well as stinky. Not something to apply during your bloom cycle although it looks as though you have done no harm. No more foliar if I was you....Looks good. Rock'n Roll.
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    Ya.....I was a bit late on that one. She did hiccup for 2 days but bounced right back. Only the top buds had some pistil damage. I hope its not ruined taste wise. She is too pretty and to much work to not get any smoke from.

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  4. Latest update! she is looking good I have been flushing her 2 weeks now. I was planning on putting her in darkness today and chop Sunday.

    However, I am having doubts on whether I should go through with it or not. Help me out!!
    Soils still moist, trichomes are about 10%amber/15%clear/75%cloudy.

    I was looking for a mixed high with more on the energetic side.

    Maybe darkness on Sunday and Tuesday harvest? Or like 10 more days
    Last pic It was snowing so I put her in it to induce her purple. Worked!

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