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CA Supreme Court: State Limits are Floor, Not a Ceiling

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Zoom420, Jan 22, 2010.

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    California Supreme Court: State's Marijuana Possession Limits Are A Floor, Not A Ceiling

    California Supreme Court: State's Marijuana Possession Limits Are A Floor, Not A Ceiling | NORML Blog

    Law Summation:
    California Supreme Court Further Clarifies Medical Marijuana Laws - MPP Blog


    The bottom line: patients in California have a legal right to possess and use marijuana in the way that is in best accordance with their medical treatment, as decided by the patient and his or her doctor - not by state or local legislators.

    Very Good news for patients who need more marijuana than most and all californians.

    Also ensures patients do not get affected by regulation which will occur with MJ for recreational use... :smoking:
  2. thats great news but god bless anyone that tests the limits, i know i wont be doing much thing. i only grow 6 at a time besides i dont really need more than that, but the cops can still bust you for and i dont feel like waiting in jail while the cali supreme court decides to let you go or not.

    if straight out legalization doesnt happen this year i dunno, you would think the young folks would come out in droves to vote this in.
  3. The only part I don't understand is the,
    The state I.D. Card program is VOLUNTARY! I may end up under arrest! What the fuck is that suppose to mean? It's not like you have to go to a state Dr. to get it, you only pay a fee and show them your Dr.'s recommendation. The state id card was part of S.B.420 anyway. They say it was unconstitutional to change a voter initiative but they keep that part, FUNNY!

    If there are no set limits then why would they even consider arresting me if I had 7 plants instead of 6? How is a cop going to know how much I need? How is a judge going to know? They can't. Neither of them are Dr.'s. Obviously if I have 50 plants then it's kind of overkill, but what if I only have 8 because I can't grow worth a shit?
  4. I think the main thing they are looking for is a way to determine what one needs so that they are not selling it.

    I also think that with tollerances that can be built up.. one may need way more than someone that has never smoked could imagine.
  5. I'm just hoping this will take our local sheriffs down a notch! Sheriff Riggins, our local version of "Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltraine"(see Dukes of Hazard), must be foaming at the mouth in frustration! LOL :laughing:

    ASA : Counties, cities set their own marijuana limits

    "Siskiyou County sheriffs will also make arrests if a legitimate user has only six plants, if the plants appear to have the potential to produce more than eight ounces of processed marijuana." (emphasis mine)

    However, since according to the DEA, every cannabis plant has the protential produce a pound....... :(

    See what kind of BS I have to put up with locally? With luck, this will put a bit of hitch in their giddieup! :D It gets to be a drag at times, living in "Hazard County- California style".

    And blessings on the little black-robed hearts of the California Supreme Court for this ruling! :hello::yay::love:

    Granny :wave:
  6. Do the medicann id's count for this? Im not worried about more plants but the 8 ounce limit scares me
  7. I have a Medi-Cann card and basically, it's a fancy doctor's recommendation, NOT a state I.D..

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