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    California Cannabis Hemp Initiative
    a.k.a the "Jack Herer" initative (Jack's wife even helped to design the petition..)​
    If you're 18 or over and live in California, and haven't yet made it to one of the designated areas to sign your name on the CCHI 2014 iniative to legalize cannabis, then you'd better sign this now. The petition is now available online.
    It's too easy. Just print, sign, and send: California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 Petition
    You must be a CA voter, so if you aren't already or unsure, you can check or sign up here: Register To Vote CA
    TELL YOUR FRIENDS. The time is now. The medical cannabis infrastructure is far too lacking, full legalization offers too many amazing things. The phrase "Cali is practically legal" couldn't be farther from the truth. LEGAL from being in jail, yes, but the infrastructure, amount of growers, users, products (hemp and cannabis), WILL SKY ROCKET to a level never seen before in human history if it's fully legal.
    *** Don't wait until 2016 when the big money rolls up. Don't listen to the people who want you to wait so that we can have a shitty petition pass in 2016. CCHI 2014 is probably the best possible initiative that we could ever ask for, and since we're gathering signatures, we've already been approved by the state of California. We just need more signatures:
    -CCHI HAS ONLY A 10% tax - we don't want to end up like Washington & Colorado with a 25% tax
    -Allows only the sale of organic cannabis - seriously amazing that only synthetic-free cannabis will be sold legally, could you ask for more in life??? Grow em how they should be grown. Plants are organic and so are we. Naysayers can stop smoking canni and get aboard the cancer train.
    -Read the other parts of the petition here, if you're lazy you can just read the summary at the bottom: CCHI 2014

  2. I wish i was a citizen.... I tried to register even though i'm not...
    Here on a greencard :/

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