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  1. Hey guys. I wanted to get a thread started about the laws and specifics of growing in California. I hear that as a card holder, the legal limit for personal use is 6 mature OR 12 immature plants.

    I have heard of people talking about being able to grow 99 plants legally, even that there is NO limit. What's this all about?

    Could some people with good knowledge about the laws in CA share some info?

    Much appreciated.
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    There are a lot of articles about this as it is a very detailed subject and current court ruling have made the picture even blurrier. is the best resource on the net IMO.

    What is it you are looking to know?

    6/12 is a minimum you can possess and not face arrest if you posses the state issued id card.

    If you have more or dont have the state ID, they COULD confiscate/arrest you and you would have a very strong affirmative defense for any number of plants (by law, "as much as you need for your condition").. but thats while you could be facing serious charges sitting in jail.

    I would say for a practical matter, stay very close to the 420 6/12 and you'll probably be fine. 99 plants the DA might decide to arrest you and see how much fight you have in you.

    Any cultivation and they may come serve a warrant to check your status.
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