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C99 seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by KAL EL, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Has anyone tried the C99 from
  2. nah. i got some off seedbay awhile back and they were pretty good, but nothing that matched the hype i heard of.. so i'm lookin for new ones.

  3. There are 2 places I would trust for C99 seeds; Joey weed, and Joey Weed has F2's from true Bros. Grimm C99 stock, and has a true Bros. Grimm C99 in female seeds. Both are very good.

    Not sure which Seedbay ones you got tBK, but I know a couple growers who got some off Seedbay awhile back and they were nothing like the ones I have grown and still have F1 & F2's of.

    As for now, other than the many crosses available, Joey Weed and are the only 2 I know of which have true C99 genetics available.
  4. thanks for the tip. I'm gonna be re-ordering c99 again soon and was looking for more reputable breeders this time around.
  5. As I said, the Joey Weed are F2's, but C99 is pretty much true breeding; Mr. Soul at Bros. Grimm took great time in cubng then selfing the strain. I had test grew the P88 and the P75 which were not quite stable and found the only differences were mainly in phenotype; the C99 was the final back crossing of the P88 pollen into the true Princess mother which the result was P94 which is C99; the final cubed version of Princess.

    My F2 seeds grow very true, only differences is phenotype. As for characteristics; the only differences I have seen are: scent(some have that ineapple scent, others are more of a rotten fruit scent), some flower slightly quicker(some will be done in 55-60 days, others take a week or so longer), and some stretch slightl more than others after flowering is induced. What I found grows true is the veg stage; every F2 I have grown out will begin to show preflowers on it's own after 5-7 weeks of veg. A good 2-3 weeksof veg and then switched to 12/12 will show preflowers in about a week. has the fem version from a very citrus/tropical scent C99 which grows true everytime, howeve rI'm not certin it is good for a breeding mother for I have not worked with makng seeds from female seeds yet.

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