C99: Dr. Greenthumb or Joey Weed?

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  1. Hi all,

    Hoping to get a few responses here from people who have had experiences with growing one or both of these breeders' beans.

    I'd like to get a few C99 girls going soon, but I'm unable to decide whether I should order from Dr. Greenthumb direct, or from Joey Weed via Hemp Depot.

    Grow will be DWC, vegging under a T5 and flowering under a 400w HPS in a 3'x3'x6' tent. Like everyone else, I'm looking for "the best." To me, that means potency and yield first - dense, heavy buds and lots of them. I'm hoping that proper flushing, proper dry/cure, and good vibes will be sufficient to ensure taste and smell are excellent.

    I'm not so much worried about the $$ part - if Dr. Greenthumb has clearly better beans/genetics, I'll open the wallet a little wider to accommodate.

    Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts! :wave:
  2. there is also mosca seeds that has c99
    got them at the attitude
  3. Yep, I'm in the same boat. Who has the C99 which is closest to the original?
    There is also Female Seeds and Dutchgrown Seeds.
  4. haha yet 2 more:eek:
  5. I just ordered Mosca's C99, i've had success with the mach fly and a tester freebie -- it's all been top notch genetics so I'm gonna throw that one in just incase anyones lookin for it through the bigger seedbanks.
  6. I'd go with Joey Weeds C99 only cause I've grown it a few times. Great plant.
  7. Mosca has the original bro grimm and it's reworked to an even better specimen get it from mosca...
    That is unless you're really trying to go after the pineapple pheno then get it from green thumb.
  8. i love my joey weeds', but i already had much respect for greeneges' work with sativas and lifelong love of the plant after chatting with him a few times in overgrow threads back around '04 and trust that if he claims he's isolated potent pineapple, he's for real.

    my joey weeds girls, both short & tall phenos, leaned more towards hazey grapey with no hint at all of pineapple. it's not shabby and grape is nice (i'd love to vaporize c99) but selective breeding elevates anything.

    i'm not trying to brag, but i think my enthusiasm for C99 over the stoney apollo 11 & super silver haze bickering i had to do there until my "fuck you! i'm not settling on this shit because couchlock can fuck off and die, you hear me?" replies to trolling fucks that didn't like reading about my neverending (settle NOW) death before compromise search for a couchlock free sativa high.

    cindy came out as the THEORETICAL winner, and even though i never smoked it until last fall, i cheered for her and her well behaved (& similar to then popular sour D) low odor & fast compact growth & lack of energy. back then, her psychoactivity though remained a grey area no amount of begging and pleading and troll fuck annoying could clear up.

    joey's gal isn't psychoactive in the trippy sense anyways, but i'd say that euphoria, concentration, motivation, creativity count as psychoactive effects with racy energy being the only psysical effect.

    joey's an awesome buzz for when you want a totally clear head and to get shit done. it won't let you sit still though, so chilling isn't an option. it's a very specialized buzz. you could use it to balance out another stoney strain with a nice flavor while taming it's enthusiasm a notch or two. i'm out of it now, but when i grow it again, i will always carry it with me for getting ladies happy & frisky every chance i get. i have all the beans i need germinating for future grows.

    the next time i grow C99 though, it will be to look for a greenthumb keeper/breeder. when you factor price for female plants only, greenthumb's gals are the same price as joet's which will statistically be 1/2 male. you can pay $57 for about 5 joey ladies or $100 or so for greenegene's one & each has it's pros

    joey weed - cheaper at purchase and gives you the male you need to C99ify other strains or even back cross for selective breeding & refinement, hazey grapes are nice too, though more common

    mr greenegenes - carefully bred & tweaked for the best pheno, no sexing needed, ready to clone as soon as you have enough bark, more females to pick from, rare pineapple pheno that sounds delicious.

    oh shit! i'm getting horny for cindy all over again!

    joey weed's gal broke my "grown 100s of plants but never flowered any of it" cherry and taught me a lot about growing by experience and is an awesome plant to start out on and a much better breeder than most of the stoney shit out there that would only improve anything else you have if only by making it smaller if not less couchlocking or stank. i have some pollen sitting on a sheet of paper i need to collect, paper envelope (never plastic!), for future breeding. i think C99 x LSD would be an AWESOME cash cropper as my LSD was even shorter than cindy with tighter budding and a stronger grape odor with a little bit of trippiness as well as couchlock.

    i'll hopefully be able to report on joey's C99 x blueberry some day too as i still have 2 of those in my treasure box, but the 2 x $100+ tart cherry buddha's sister x G13 haze beans i have are my unobtanium as the last of my kali mist beans didn't make it.

    if you're just planning on ordering now though, i tell you, go with joey weed's apoll 11 or even A11 x C99 instead as it brings the tripppiness lacking in cindy with a mellower go anywhere buzz. after my experience with LSD being stoney (except in the eyelids at 1st with a slow creeping stone), but high at the same time without being imobilized, i'm inclined to think A11, jack herer, super silver haze, LA confidential, romulan, & medicine man etc. aren't as bad as i imagined over the years.

    i do want to test A11 as a potential keeper or breeder, but have found less couchlocking strains that might be trippier indoors already like haze skunk, super cali haze or the nothing but fun & bliss super well behaved 8 miles high in my signature. the 1st too are stronger & more psychoactive, but give a little bit of dizziness when you move around a lot and seem to make you move "snappier" too. actually, maybe it;s the movements that cause the dizziness. what 8 miles lacks in their potency, it makes up for with a little more euphoria and a totally neutral buzz that doesn't get in the way of anything you want to do with a gentle nudge trying to steer you towards something more fun if you're not already doing something. all 3 though were in the same ballpark and not radically different.

    keep an eye out for mandala's kalichakra too. it sounds a lot like C99 to me and i wanted to compare the 2 side by side. maybe, some day i can get the nickname GC's official taste tester. LOL i don't know about mandala's stinky and probably stoney hashplant, but after trying 8 miles high, i can see why everyone loves mandala. his descriptions are supposed to be the best & most honest in the biz. i can't imagine kicking kalichakra out for eating crackers.

    "isn't that right crackers?"
    "huh? whuh? are we looking at boobies online again?"

  9. yo pokernaut is there a seedbank that sells greengenes genetics??
    ive only used the tude and ssc
  10. mr greenegenes had (?) his own bank. shit! i can't find it now! his C99 made high times' top 10 for '09, i think and i DID see his website, but am not finding it online now. i can't picture him being so stupid as to sell his gear from within the US & getting busted for it.

    OK... it was just that it wasn't showing up at altavista and it's dr, not mr greengenes
    the site's down at the moment though, but bookmark it as i'm doing right now

    here's a thread reporting on one of his crosses
    cherrybomb mr greengenes - Cannabis-World
  11. Pretty sure the people talking about Mr/Dr Greengenes mean Dr. Greenthumb from Canada. Google for his name for his site.
  12. I just got some c-99 seeds from ch9 seeds at the attitude!! havent grown the out yet but have heard good things!! peace
  13. Joey weed seeds are a good c-99, had a mom once, didn't like topping, didn't like fimming, didn't like reveg or any sort of reversals, light and soil sensative...grew well with crappy soil, minimal additions and no care, small harvest but wow...wow the weed was good.
  14. Hands down Joey Weed, he has a perfect matched C99 mother and father. Whoever said mosca's had real Bros Grimm is FULL OF SHIT! He used 2 C99 crosses toproduce his seeds and neither was, or ever will be the true Bros. Grimm C99. Dr Greenthumb has a great mother and his fem C99's are good, but kind of pricey IMO. Femaleseeds.nl also has a great C99, but only in fems.
  15. I'm looking to buy some C99, but only find the crosses.
    Which one in the joey weed seeds would you recommend to be the best?
    Blueberry x C99?
  16. I'd go here: Seed Prices
    and buy the c-99xa11
    apollo11 is very fine weed in and of itself, I would think it would be a good mix.
  17. Greenthumb's c99 is the only genuine c99 in seed form. The rest are crosses
  18. ^^citation^^

    25 posts............................. ALL= PRO DR. GREENTHUMB

  19. Are you a shill, or hoping for a date with Dr Greenthumb?
    I see that you have been to every possible thread in GC and posted 25 separate postings since you joined, every fucking one about Dr Greenthumb. I see you have found some OOOOOld material, so that you can post more about Dr Greenthumb.
    I call spam.

  20. WRONG! Joey Weed uses true Bros. Grimm parents for his. Difference between the 2, Dr. Greenthumb reverses cuts off a specific pheno, and Joey makes F2's which can produce a variety of phenotypes which C99 is well known for.

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