C99, A11, A13, NL5, NL5 x Haze, and others. Input?

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    So I'm getting around to order some seeds. Appreciate any advice from folks who've grown or smoked these:

    Mosca-Machacar (Trainwreck x C99)
    Sannie-Killing Fields
    Mr. Nice-NL5Hz
    Sensi-Jack Herer
    Cannaventure-Sin Diesel (C99 x Sour D)
    Emerald Triangle-Blueberry Headband

    For next year outside:
    DJ Short-True Blueberry
    Sensi-Maple Leaf Indica
    Homegrown Fantaseeds-Armageddon
    Next Gen.-Timewarp

    Basically looking to have a nice diverse supply of high grade powerful stuff to keep me from having to buy. Also nice to have good stuff to share with friends so they don't have to either.

    And yes, I do like sativas. :D
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    Some say ssh= jack herrer. I can see that being very true from my experience with both. You can get that at sannies white label or other places for a fraction of the cost. Good weed though.

    I like the bohdi, mns, subcool, and mosca selections. I think you picked strains that those companies represent very well.

    Where you finding the bohdi in stock brotha....
  3. I'm waiting for Bodhi's stuf to drop at Attitude along with everybody else...gotta snatch it up quick from what I've heard.

    I'll have to look around some for JH options. Not into dropping 200+ on some seeds, especially with what people have been saying about Sensi's stuff lately. Still might grab it though, just to get it from the original source.
  4. bodhi drops go quick, and they are never what you want to drop ( he only drops 3-4 strains at a time).. basically you don't plan a bodhi grow ..till you have the seeds in hand.

    Sannies JHF7s gets a second vote from me BTW ( is it me or did they raise the price on these?)
  5. Yeah...at $50 I'll have to check out the Sannie's JH. Any difference in potency/quality between Sannie's and Sensi's, or am I just paying for the name?

    Planning to go with the A13 and Machacar first, then either the BB Headband and Sin Diesel or the C99, A11, and NL5 if I get ahold of them (I will shoot myself in the face if they drop and I miss it lol). NL5Hz and JH can wait until I've got more experience, time, and space.
  6. I don't know about the breeder because I grew mine from clone but C99 was one of my favorite strains to grow so far.
  7. Nice selection. Bodhi lost his A-11 mother so he may not be coming out with A-11 seeds for a very long time. Sannies also has the blue rocket (A-11x BlueBerry) that might be worth a try.
  8. It's so easy, and smells, tastes, and smokes so nice. Not to mention fast with a great high. I think I'll always keep a c99 mom or a ton of seeds.

    :eek: Oh snap. Lots of votes for Sannies, and looking through the site there's a lot of cool options. That one sounds particularly interesting. I was going for Bodhi's to get a Genius pheno for studying/working. Wonder how the A13 from Subcool compares. Might not need both.

  9. Yea it sucks that he lost it. I have found some pretty good reviews on Subcools A-13bx but It is Apollo 13 crossed with spacequeen then crossed back to the Apollo 13. I ordered Motarebel's Apollo 13 F4 last month but have not grown any yet.
  10. Didn't know that, so that goes off the list. Looked up the Motarebel seeds and will probably pick those up. Probably gonna skip out on the Bodhi's entirely for now and go with Killing Fields F3 and Mandala's Satori instead.
  11. I think it's going to look like this:

    1st Run:
    Sin Diesel

    2nd Run:

    3rd Run
    BB Headband
    Jack Herer

    4th Run
    Killing Fields

    Going to do the quicker strains first so I can have a nice supply to draw from while I wait for the longer ones. I have a separate growbox for males so I'll make seeds and crosses for all of them, then start doing 12/12 from seed runs under 1000w every time. This should let me pack more plants into the space so I can get some variety, and I won't need to mess around with cloning. Gonna keep any really exceptional phenos as mini-moms though.
  12. I wasn't a huge fan of the Killing Fields, the plants themselves were well behaved and almost identical with the exception of one shorter than the rest and two purple, one pink and the rest green. I didn't like the high. Not as intense as I wanted it to be, and the Jack at Sannies isn't as good as the Jack Herrer at Sensi Seeds. Mandala's Satori is one of my favorites, as is his Sadhu. I won't buy Motarebel, the guy is a little nuts. Sensi's NL#5 is better than Mr Nice. Mr Nice has a kick ass widow if you are shopping there.

    Let me know about the Mosca c-99. I have some Joey's left, but not many...
  13. Dammit, Killing Fields looks so cool but potency is the #1 factor for me so I'll skip it for now. I'll go with Sensi's Jack, never heard a bad thing about it and hard to imagine anyone improving on the original. I've heard neither Sensi or Mr. Nice have the NL5xHz they used to, but my impression (from what I've read) has been that Mr. Nice's is closer. And Motarebel being nuts is secondary to him being the only source I've found for A13 lol.

    Expecting good things from Mosca, apparently his C99 is more fruity scented. The Female Seeds version I've been doing is more spicy than anything. Got one going right now that I NEED to perpetuate...beautiful structure with almost no fan leaves...looks almost mutated. Looks like 10-12 of them could fit in the same rubbermaid if I start them at 12/12. Smells indescribable and looks amazing. Great high too if I can keep myself from smoking it before it's cured.
  14. I'll vouch for the MNS NL5xHaze. Potent daytime smoke, rolls a great joint. Not much to taste or odor (my girl cures to a faint sour berry smell) but produces a very happy up high. I was very happy with a Sensi fem version I ran of this strain as well.
  15. :hello: I'm hoping to get serious topshelf only-for-special occasions earthshatteringly awesome stuff from the NL5Hz and Jack Herer. Thinking those will be the two best. Got a strain for every situation:

    C99: workouts
    Black Widow: Painkiller/body buzz (ordered a pack since Machacar is unavailable)
    A11/Satori: Studying/reading/etc
    Sin Diesel: Going out/social stuff, etc.
    BB Headband: Idk but it sounds awesome...outdoor activities?
    NL5Hz and JH: Times I wanna get really messed up.

    Gonna run each strain for keepers in one year, make f2s and crosses with all of them, and keep around 12 phenos as clones. Gonna involve a closet for vegging keeper cuts w/shoebox setup for clones/seedlings and a rubbermaid box for males, and a flower tent (will take up minimal space and electricity).

    Basically 2 runs each of C99, A11, Satori, BBHB, Sin Diesel, and Black Widow (1st to find keepers, next to run keepers after longer veg and make some seeds). Finish w/ a run of NL5Hz and JH (after expanding to larger room).

    Hoping to end up with 12 good keeper phenos which will be vegged and then set outside to flower (plant 8 in May and another 12 in late July). Shooting for a stockpile of seeds and weed, then switching to some clone-only strains for the next year before stopping with the indoor and going exclusively guerrilla

  16. The Sadhu is better for studying and doing things. The Satori makes you have so many brain flashes and deep thoughts, that you aren't learning from outside sources, it really forces your mind inward....in a big fucking tangle most of the time.
    Sadhu is a 'connection' weed, makes you feel connected and content and 'able' and you will like studying on it more.
  17. How does Satori compare with C99? Worth it to grow both?

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