C2h4-ethylene experiment

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    Using different sources of ethylene gas, I will demonstrate the effectiveness of these sources to help better express the wanted “Y” gene.

    IN a world of constant searching to hybridize and feminize (just the plants please... ), since the discovery that oranges cause bananas to fruit; yes, contrary to popular believe, it was not the other way around. In the next couple of weeks/months, I will be conducting experiments with different sources of Ethylene gas apart from the infamous banana. Its my believe that other fruits such as APPLE, and the Mamay (Pouteria sapota), are much better sources for ethylene production for our cause in which is to promote female expression on our seed. The seeds I will be using will be bag seeds… Cant beat FREE = )

    Some of the known effects of Ethylene gas are:
    • Fruit Ripening
    • Abscission; leaf flower fruits (thinning, harvesting)
    • Epinasty
    • Triple Resonses
    • Hook Closure Maintenance
    • Initiates Germination in Grains
    • Activates dormant buds (potatoes in storage)
    • Stem elongation in deep-water rice
    • Induces Flowering in Pineapple
    • Promotes Female Expression in Flowers
    • Flower and Leaf Senescence: Ag preventative (vase life)
    • Potentially deadly
    I add “deadly to the effects because although its been used for its anesthetic properties in small doses, its also use for welding metal… As it is, high quantity of this gas is explosive.

    The Ethynel is produces naturally with in fruits ER (endoplasmic reticulum) and to simplify its Biosynthetic composition, its goes as follows… (Pertains only to plants)

    methionine + Met Adenosyltransferase ->S-adenosyl-L-methionine(SAM)+ ACC synthase (ACS)-> 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic-acid (ACC)+ ACC-oxidase (ACO A.K.A Ethylene Forming Enzyme (EFE))… Thank God for chemistry ….

    My method, though still need to tighten up some loose end, will consist of 3 variables and one constant…. I will be Building my own gass chambers with non-porous material such as glass. (Still Under Brainstorming).

    Though in my research, there have been many laboratories reports or rates of ethylene respiration rates, my goal are to test out rates of gas vs. percentile of the wanted “baby girl”… The perfect saturation level if you will…

    SO HIGH*
  2. Apples and Pears will work. Wanna rippens someone crop early just hide some rotting apples in their grow room.
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  5. A cursory review of the how & why of using ethelyne gas as it relates to the commercial produce industry might prove helpful.


  6. this looks pretty damned interesting. im subscribing
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  8. i'm willin to watch lol:cool:
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  10. Not a lot of updates here.... how are you progressing? Or have other matters come up to take away from your avail time to dedicate to this experiment?
  11. I was wondering the same thing.

    How's the project going?
  12. i think the OP is wondering the same question lmao
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  14. LMAO! fair enough....

    Please excuse my hiatus, times are rough, but when aren't they huh?

    WELP... As far as progress goes, after poking my brain because

    A) the independent variable here which would be ethylene gas is possible to measure with air sampling kits specifically for ethylene gas its just a lot of money for me right now... Which almost defeats my purpose.

    B) Making a non-porous container to hold 2-4 dependents (Groups of seeds) is harder than it sounds.

    I've decided to just make the" chamber " by using two glass cup, bottoms dremell off in a way so I can put the cups end to end and slip in comfortably and would allow the gas to funnel up and I could either leaf the top side open or closed to release the gas = )

    IDK... What I do know is that I want to this right... Last thing is make a claim that I cant back up.... Like our favorite seed companies talking about 25%-50% THC content LOL... And the only honesty that exist is the one we share is to ourselves, the rest is debatable to say the least lol...

    So there you have it ! Some good ol'fashion honesty ...The The only thing I can control is the amount of gas only thing is I wont know how much of it im using LMAO... But its trail and error my fellow citizens.... Im off to shop for some glass cups.... glass anything really lol... Adeu*

  15. Basically = / With my step-mother institutionalised and trying to make people happy is a hard job, but it lies on the oldest son so its more like purpose lOl... Though waters are clearer and I can get more time on my hands

    LIFE!! She's a bitch and I fell inlove = /
  16. hey, glad you made your way back! This really looks like some promising information, even if it does come from the trial and error method

    most of us dont have any greater means than you, so any of our experiments have been the same tedious process. Good luck man

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