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  1. ... a quick question ...

    What sort of difference does it actually make to use a C02 injection unit? Is it worth it on a small scale hydroponic grow? (10 - 15 plants) .. Is there a significant improvment in the yield / potency of the final product? For instance, would this be a good buy: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2039142901 ...

    How do you actually use this injection system? I take it the roots are sprayed with C02, but how often and for how long.. ?

    Thanks for any replies, I've wondered if it would be worth getting one of these for some time now, any info is appreciated..

  2. Have you heard of using carbonated water to provide CO2 to roots?
    Much cheaper,and easier alternative...filling and purchasing tanks gets very expensive..


  3. Hi Ndica, thanks for the reply..

    Carbonated water? How is that used? Do i fill my tank full of it and use it as normal or is it best sprayed onto the roots? If so, how often is good for the plants? I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to co2 and its uses in growing, if you could give me somemore info I'd appreciate it alot, thanks,

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    please, can anyone give me the info I need regarding co2?

    thanks :)

  5. You can just use the water as you would in your normal feeding. Either spray for foliar or water for root feeding.
    You can also use a mix of water, sugar & brewers yeast in a carton with a small hole pierced to allow the CO2 to circulate.
    For the finer points of CO2 log on to
    read the section on growing, lots of good info.
    hope this helps, good luck!

  6. thanx for the info, but when i got to that website all i get is a page trying to sign me up for a banner exchange and a rip off email scam...
  7. Yes ,,,just use it with the hydro solution,,,it's distilled/bottled water with carbonation added(CO2)...it stimulates uptake of oxygen in roots...

    When using CO2 injection..in reference to injecting the grow area with higher levels of CO2 for the plants to "breathe" than they would normally get..

    To use CO2 properly,and fruitfull,,first the grow area must be able to be sealed,or very airtight via venting doors,etc. Also there must be intense light,and well aerated medium,proper humidity/temp control etc...In other words,,the conditions have to be met so that the plant will be able to use the enrichment,,or it is a waste,,for the plant won't use it..

    that help a little....?


  8. Thank you Ndica, it does :)



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