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  1. Probably not going to be effective, as 8grams is not much at all.
    A sealed environment with a Co2 controller in 1.4mx1.4mx3m room I'll go through 20lb tank just shy of 2months
  2. It probably would be a waste, you would be better off getting a few 2L bottles, and filling them 1/2 way with water, add a cup or 2 of sugar and a packet of yeast... if you put 2 or more of these in your grow area, they will feed CO2 for about 2 weeks, then you can just remove water, add more, and add more sugar and reuse...very cheap way to produce CO2.
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    I've thought about making one of these for my aquarium.
    Do you think there would be a way to store c02 I know how to seperate the c02 from the yeast and down an airline, but that's about it
    Edit: we need a thread on diy c02 in the diy section

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    Bottled Co2 is relatively cheap($20-$25, 50#). The least inexpensive way to add a beneficial, and relatively accurate, amount of Co2 is with the use of recycle timers and a flow meter. Here is the math formula; find the cf of your room(WxLxH), next, multiply the amount of Co2 you want to achieve(1000ppm is sufficient)assuming there is already 200ppm Co2 in the atmosphere, you want to add 800ppm. Example; 960cf x 0.0800. Now, divide that number by the rate of flow(cfm) from the flow meter, the answer will tell you how many minutes to run the Co2. You can use recycle timers to also coordinate the venting of your room with the delivery of fresh Co2. Homemade and "bucket" type systems generally are not a good bet as most don't produce enough Co2 to be effective and at the very least you have no way of monitoring this. Keep it Green! Peace! P.S. you can use a short piece of aquarium tubing to attach to the flow meter and then to a oscillating fan to "spread" the Co2! Peace!
  5. Why don't you just go in there for an hour a day and breath. and admire your wonderful plants.
  6. When calculating Co2 don't forget to add 10% to your final calculations as no room is airtight and all are inherent with various leaks and drafts!
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    I do that too, but I really dig the extra 20% in weight and the 2 week earlier harvest I get by using the Co2! That's a whole crop more a year I gain, not to mention the increased weight! Peace!
  8. I prefer the natural grow. Stressing plants to grow faster using chemicals or anything just isn't right for me. I think it takes away from the grow and the enjoyment.
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    Cannabis plants actually evolved(cam 3 plants)in environments that were producing as much as 2000ppm of Co2. Over time the plant has adapted to this diminished rate of Co2 but still retains the triggers in its DNA to allow it to change it's metabolism and to benefit from the additional Co2. I'm with you on your comment though! Replicating mother nature is definitely the way to go! But, then again, there's nothing "natural" about growing plants in containers, inside, under artificial lights anyway! Peace!
  10. Iv wanted to use CO2 but never did when using soil. This fall I turn on the lights and am growing 100 hydro indoor now I can consider it.
  11. I hate growing inside. Too much work. I don't want to have to pay like 100$+ for a setup and nutes. I can just walk 20ft behind my condo into the woods to a spot right near a creek that has great soil. and it grows great with barely any attention. I set up an irrigation system so after a large rain the creek would flow in to a bed around the soil and water it and during droughts i could just walk over and give it water. All good great not compressed grow.
    I love my outdoor.
    I have a few dozen 4 foot indicas and 7 sativa's that are over 6 feet tall and growing like crazy.
    make hay while the sun shines. :D
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  13. Yes, Yes. I can't even grow maybe someday. Once it's legal here.
    Yea Im all legal medical in Washington. in growing my limit.
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    No surpise lol. Funny how the first state to legalize medical marijuana still doesn't have it recreationally haha.
  16. Oh he said tent. I think that would suffocate the plants if there's no ventilation or a filter.

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