C!day in Stockport, be there...

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  1. January 29, 2002, C!Day in Stockport, UK !

    For this will be the day that C!hris Davies, MEP for the UK, Marco C!apatto, MEP for Italy, are appearing in Stockports Magistrates C!ourt, to face the Law over their support for C!olin Davies, the Dutch Experience and his fight against C!annabisprohibition !

    The Italian MEP, Marco Capatto, asked Ian and me to gather as many people as possible, to witness and support Chris Davies and himself on this day.
    Capatto promised the press and the UK Law to bring more MEP’s, from other countries, to join in the voluntary arrest actions, in order to show that not only the UK , but every country in Europe, wants cannabis decriminalised.

    We, the supporters of Colin and the DE, will have to make sure that these open-minded politicians will have an overwhelming applause, when they come out of the Courthouse, there will be a lot of press, international this time.
    We have to make this event a massive one, so make sure you get the day off, so you can be there to experience the breaking of the Law, by people you just have to meet !!

    All you have to do is show up, and carry a banner, if possible, the people that are under courtbail for possession already, could all wear a red headband, saying : Under bail !
    That will make it easier for the press to see who and how many people present are already subdue to prosecution for cannabispossession, state your case to them !

    As always, it will be a peacefull event, so the police can not scatter us for disturbing the peace, so a fat joint in advance would be advisable, the peace is in the pot.

    More details will follow, mark the day, C!day !

    Class B or Class C!, Colin Davies should be free !!

    Police Inspector Jackson, if you read this :

    The Best anti Wacko Jacko banner-carrier will be rewarded with a two day trip to Haarlem, the Hempcity of Holland, don’t you feel honoured ??

    Nol van Schaik,
    Chairman of Cannafist.
    Co-founder of the Dutch Experience.

    All info on Colin Davies and the Dutch Experience at :

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