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  1. Chopped, Dried, Jarring (Curing) . (OCD style, to use & upCyc) started with

    ' Island Kush
    Lemon Tart
    *Mystery Seed
    7all together. I'll eventually read threw my note books to seed what's what. Stay tuned. Or don't. IMG_20190613_182640.jpg IMG_20190613_182904.jpg IMG_20190615_192204.jpg IMG_20190611_082950.jpg

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  2. a lot easier to trim wet
    more pics please as very nice and 'clear' ...lol

    good luck
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  3. If you like nice pictures, please check out my thread. First time grower so any advice is also welcome.

    Last 3 weeks of flower, updating progress often

    Last 2 weeks of flower now

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