Discussion in 'General' started by burnttwaffle, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. peace GC. I'll miss you all.:(

    i hereby give my knowledge,power,and cooking ability the great waffle,

    to Reggin. Use them Wisely
  2. Where you going?

    Oh, offline...I remember.

    Hope alls well, bud. Take it easy. See you when you return!
  3. where u goin.... to jail?
  4. Wow... Get a job and miss a few days on here and people are leaving? Take care, yo.
  5. Thank you for letting me take over.

    I will use them well.

  6. Anyone want to clue me in?
  7. Sometimes it rains purple in new orleans.
  8. Ditto :confused:
  9. Me three :confused:
  10. REGGIN,,,, is so unworthy of the great waffle recipe,,,,,,

    you should have give me them great secrets,,,,,

    hell i've screwed a waffle house waitress,,,,can reggin say that ? no!!!!!!!!

    im the only one worthy of the recipe,,,,,, i will take it too my grave,,,,,,:p


    at least aim me sometime dude,,,, i just got my aim,,,,, and noone to talk too,,,,,,,,,,,:(

    hurry back man,,,, you's a good guy in my book,,,,,

    you'll be missed,,,:(
  11. I have been chosen to be a general combating the forces of lunch and dinner. I shall use my knowledge and advanced waffle production abilities, to fight to make the waffle one of the worlds greatest foods, for everyone to enjoy.When i am done with my mission, the world will be able to change peacefully, we will stop destroying are home earth, stop pointless wars, because we will all have a comon ground which brings us together, and provides such great joy, war poverty and suffering of all kind will be no more.The waffle, is our savior. I will lead this delicous falvorful revolution with waffle in hand.

    Reggin might be posting on my name for a while, its not me. incase u think im back, ill make a thread when i return

    Peace Grasscity.

    that was 100% bullshit....

    illbe back tho.
  12. Do people just assume that all Blades have a psychic link and can understand what's not written? Pink and now you, leaving us with no idea as to why you are leaving... much more of this could drive anybody insane.

  13. That's why I'm taking over the Waffle, chicken.... I'm the worthy one. :cool:

    P.S. ---> Look at the bolded statement above.
  14. This is the weakest thread ever
  15. ditto
  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dont worry about '' PINK-GOO'' i ve git her tied up in my closet,,,,

    but yeah '' REGGIN'' you aint worthy to have the secret of the waffle,,,,,

    i may have to send my female ninjas,,,,, to retrieve this info,

    that has been foolishly laid in your hands.....:cool:
  17. Is this one of those, oh a couple of us get the joke, haha, lets keep posting and confusing people because it's oh so much fun... ??

    Obviously some of you understand this, so how about you just tell us what is up to ease the tension a bit?
  18. k since youve made it obvious youve taken over the waffle's name.... why did he HAVE to leave gc? u should fill us has become your duty as his spokesperson:devious:
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