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Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. I am glad you at least admit that your first interest is the collapse of the US (political system). It goes a long way in explaining why you are ok with advocating blind violence in the streets of the US.
    I don't however believe you "don't care", since you spent years on here bashing the US. Clearly you care.

    Your ardent yet blind hatred for Nazis is preventing you from realizing two very simple things.
    1. In America, everyone gets a voice, even those you disagree with. Your negative feelings on the 1st amendment are fortunately irrelevant both to majority of Americans as well as the US legal system.
    2. A giant number of the people labeled as Nazi in today's US are not actual Nazis, but regular people who aren't rolling over to more of the society-corroding politics the Left's PC culture and identity politics have wrought onto the nation.

    Your line about Trump supporters being the ones "screaming Nazi and White supremacists every time they're criticized" is of course utterly ridiculous.
    The Left has been directly or indirectly calling Trump a Nazi white supremacist since the day he seriously started running for president and DARED suggest that "some bad hombres" come in through the southern border. If anyone is constantly bringing up Nazis and supremacy, it is not Trump supporters, as BLM and the Obama administration had already set forth a very strong groundwork for a racially divided America.
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  2. It's far from ridiculous, have a look around the forum here. Any hint of criticism of Trump or the right is met with hysterical posts. The right are acting like a kid who lost their soother.

    I note you never answered my question so I'll try again. Would you agree that Nazis/white supremacists are scum?
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  3. It's a hard job defending the Nazis, past and present, but somebody's got to do it.
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  4. You keep pushing a Nazi-scum line that does not need to be pushed. Everyone on here has disavowed actual Nazis from the moment the thread started. The part you repeatedly fail to realize is that the label is being flung at regular people.
    You seem more interested in blindly attacking Americans, rather than actually asking yourself if it is Nazis you are facing. This, of course, makes sense now, since you appear more interested in just watching America burn, than anything else.

    You have made an alt right (and Trump of course) bashing post which you lustly tagged as "Knuckle draggers and Nazi Hate" . You openly proclaim that that is your view of the Right wing (from across the pond of course)


    Then, when someone points out how ridiculous and uninformed your views about the streets of the US are, and who is or isn't a Nazi, you have the balls to complain about people being upset about false and ridiculous labeling. :rolleyes:
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  5. Do you believe that the current mass-labeling of many in the US as Nazis is accurate?
    Is there a distinction between conservatives, libertarians etc, and actual Nazis in your world view or is everyone right of Keith Olbermann a Nazi to you?

    I may have detected some British-English in one of your earlier posts. Are you from the US, and if so, do you see large groups of Nazis regularly waving swastikas around in the streets, or running corporations, universities etc?
  6. Is this a Nazi interrogation? Instead of bombarding me with questions, why don't you educate me on the many benefits of fascism.
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  7. Where have I labeled anyone in this thread as a Nazi or white supremacist?

    Where have I stated that all on the right in the US are Nazis or white supremacists?

    What I have stated is that anyone who shares a podium or stands with nazis/white supremacists is as guilty as the nazis/white supremacists themselves.

    The Alt-right are knuckle dragging Nazis and I make no apologies for labeling them as such. I can't see how this would upset you unless that is....
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  8. Our friend seems to be very upset that the nazis of the Alt-right are being called out for what they are.

    I can't for the life of me figure out why this would be so unsettling for him.
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  9. Who said the best defense is to attack. The Nazis are lets move on. On the other hand can we spend a few hours warning everybody how the left is out to destroy America? Now back to your regularly scheduled program of "Who's the Nazi, and Who's the Bolshevik that shits on America".
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  10. Took you long enough, comrade. I was wondering when that'll happen :roflmao: Extra hilarious because you started the post with "Where have I labeled anyone in this thread". It's like a self-setup

    ...including a blind disregard for the 1st amendment and the protection of speech you disagree with. Again, glad your opinion on this has zero effect on actual US law. You furthermore vastly exaggerate how many Americans actually "stand with Nazis".
    This may come as a surprise, but it turns out the multiracial nation that lost 400,000 people to WW2 and is openly allied with Israel, is actually not very fond of Nazis in general.

    The biggest point still escapes you. Labeling in the US has become a media and social shit storm. The Left will label anyone and anything it strongly disagrees with as Nazi......or sexist, or racist, or homophobe, or islamophobe, or whatever happens to work as an attack, whether valid or not.
    "Nazi" is currently used to violently shut down one's political opposition, or at the very least complete a character assassination. In the streets, because it is so widely and loosely used, it is leading to brawls between Americans in numbers that the few actual Nazis in the US couldn't ever hope to put together.

    If, of course, all you're really interested in seeing is America on fire, then I can understand how the current set of events would appeal to you.
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  11. As brought to us by Comrade @SmokinP you mean?
  12. Very fast typist and multi tasker here.

    I'm mostly watching a numbers tracker and answering e-mails, so setting you straight about the basics of America is like a welcome side activity :smoke:
  13. It seems we may be in a similar profession. :)
  14. The emotions generated by political conflict are so strong that a rational response is nearly impossible, however desirable that may be. On the other hand, we are attracted to leaders who are passionate about their ideas and not to rational/emotional robots. The Donald displayed a passion for the changes he was advocating
    where Hilary was offering more of the same tired policies that people were sick of. That clearly 'trumped' any concerns about his suitability for the job. When a passionately held view is contradicted, or challenged, the human reaction (sadly) is frustration and anger which rapidly degenerate into violence. It is the nature of human emotion that is the problem, rendering us unable to control the corrosive slide from civilisation to barbarism. If only emotion could motivate us to action, but not determine the nature of the action, we might see a return to more rational moral values, and less mob violence.
  15. As long as I'm not starving I'm happy at this point lol I just really want to grow mainly cannabis but a lot of food too. Sometimes I think certain people really are supposed to be in charge of a lot of money
  16. Like having a lot of money isn't important to me, but you know... things cost money of course so I'm not gonna be broke lol
  17. Capitalism is evil. We shouldn't have to worry about the oppression brought on by wealth.
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  18. You forgot the biggest reason people voted for trump - because the other choice was far far worse...
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  19. The main reason I voted for Trump is because he publically insulted all of the mainstream, establishment Republicans on the debate stage for months on end.
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