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  1. well here goes.

    all this talk about JH just made me wanna try it. how hard can it be, right?

    so i get out my credit card and get to work.

    Gypsy supplies the seed in record time yet again...
    ordered them dec 4 and received dec 9th.

    here is my garden on dec 14th. from right to left the rotation goes. far left blue berry x blue berry has 3 plants that will be done in about 5 weeks so its time to start a new batch id say...

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  2. dec 15th i toss 6 seed in the cup. one of them is a bit busted up in the travels and one was totally smashed. so im hoping for 5 good ones...

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  3. all 6 floated and all 6 dropped after a few days. good sign. that means they are alive...or at least it seems so.

    after 2 days in the water...they go onto a wet napkin...good luck gals...

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  4. well 3/6 tap roots pop'ed. that aint good. if they dont pop right away chances are not good that they are gonna. ill keep em in the wet nap but chances are they are dead. bummer. i dont want just 3. im gonna start up the others out of the 10...they will only be 4 days late.

    so far JH isnt as smooth as i would like...are the rumors true?

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  5. this is the soil and pots.

    home depot special 7$ about enough for 10 full cycle grows.

    first into a 1gal so they have root room then into a 3gal+ to finish. could be bigger but works for me pretty well.

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  6. get the soil super packed down and wet then gently place the tap root twords the earth and cover with a wee bit o soil. then i only mist them from the top till they are a few days old anyhow. the bottom of the pot should never dry out in that time. not too wet tho or they will rot. just right...hard to show that...

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  7. and here we are... waiting for the green solar panels to come out and show me what they got...

    here is the grow area. about 7000lumes of cool CF lights that can be adjusted or shut off depending on need. all surrounded of course with mylar. when cover on...hardly a sliver of light shines thru.

    remember...pure food no nuts...just love

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  8. Hey all those were grown only using floros! Nice! I start my seeds inside and I used them too but now i just put em in the ground i mean hey there going to sprout eveintually but my question is if i soaked them and then put them in the ground would they sprout faster or would they rot outside?
  9. no this is an indoor grow...and i have a HPS but that will come later. those first plants are under 400wHPS...gots about 3000 lumes psf.

    actually u can see the beautiful amber glow of HPS in the mylar of the grow chamber picture.
  10. when you sprout your seeds, its allot faster and easier to use the papertowel meathod and put it in a warm spot like on top of your monitor. My seeds usualy sprout 1-2 days after starting them and ive had 100% germ rate with healthy looking seeds. also why ar eyou misting your sprouts? just water the pot put teh sprouts in and cover them with soil. Or you can use my new meathod and put the seed in and lightly pack some soil around the taproot and have the seed burried 3/4 so the top is exposed then put 1/8" of vermiculite over it and lightly water. a day later the sprout is up and about 1/2" tall. The vermiculite is allot lighter teh soil so the seed can break through it allot faster. A few days after the sprout pops blow off the vermiculite, wich should be dry now, and put extra soil till about 1/4-1/2 below the first node. So with my meathod its only 2-3 days from dry seed to healthy sprout.
    Just a word of advice.

    Good luck with the grow, and be ready for lanky ass plants. How much height do you have?
  11. grower...

    thanks for the advice.

    but im wondering why u think my plants will be 'lanky'?

    does my first picture of plants look 'lanky'?

    and u are also saying that u can have a dry seed to green leaf in 2 days?

    also i have about 2 feet of veg growth if i want...but usually only gets to about 1ft before i move em to the flowering bench.
  12. Thanks for the info on seedsdirect. I feel even more confident about ordering from them now.

    As for the seeds, all I did was put them in a warm paper towel in a piece of tupperware with a lid. I put them on the TV every so often to warm them. Then when they sprouted, I put them in paper cups with soil, 3/4" from the top. I then covered the cup with saran wrap. In a day or so, they all popped up.

    I've only grown from seeds once. I got a 9/10 success rate.
  13. hack is a satva strain and likes to stretch all through flower. And yes dry seed to green leaf in 2 days.
  14. i assume u mean jack when u say hack. and i guess that is what this grow journal is going to show...the cycle of jack herer.

    and as to dry seed to green leaf...ive been doing this and other types of plantings for a very long time...i to think that u can get seed to green leaf in 2 days...well...i would like to see that documented.

    most of the time i have found very good germ rate for seeds from seedsdirect. this time i didnt...tho another one of the 'dead' seeds popped open last night.
  15. yea typo. Just try my tech and you will see for youself. i wouldnt just make up a claim like that.
  16. dec 20

    the other seeds broke and now go onto wet nap. about 4 days behind so really no biggy. the other three that i hoped still had a chance looks like they dont. they prob dead as rocks. still i should have enough to have my pick of the females for seed production.

    2 damaged in the transport and 2/8 havnt made it out of seed break.

    so far very poor results id say.

    the seeds that i got we not the pick of the crop either. but i guess what can u expect for 35$. id be happy if its truely delicious for 6$/seed...and it aint like i ever have to pay that price again if i like it and make babies.
  17. will miracles never cease. i now have 7/10 seeds that have germ'ed. 4 are behind the other 3 by 4 days so its no real biggie.

    7/10 is a bit more respectable...seeing as tho 2 were damaged in transport.

    nothing to really see yet.
  18. dec 25

    woke up this morning to one of my older seedlings damped off. i have been growing MJ for almost 20 years and have never had a seedling damp off before. but its a classic case of it.

    attached is a picture i put an arrow to the interface of soil and root. that is where the stem got skinny and the infection is. im gonna try and save it by mounding soil but if this lives...its a xmas miracle.

    the others seem to be doing fine. 6/10 left.

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  19. so far.. these sound like a chanllege mate... i be looking foward on updates....
  20. dec 26.

    well i notice that one of my late bloomer seedlings isnt strong enough to lift the seed into the air and shatter the seedcoat. just stuck there not moving. if it doesnt do it will run out of food and will die. kinda looks like another one is gonna bite the dust.

    this is by far the worst performance of any batch ive ever grown. mexican bag weed seed does better...this stuff better be worth the effort.

    5/10 left and these look healthy, so far.

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