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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chrisalmighty, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. how do you guys deal with when people who are your friends get mad at you for smoking weed. i always just say "im gonna stop" but somtimes im just so annoyed by them i just say eff off i can toke if i want. whats your way of dealing with them? they really are annoying
  2. Lol.. I say I do it cause I can. I enjoy it. The whole process . Looking at the beautiful little frosty buds that u don't want to smoke but if u did it would get you oh so high. Smoking it vaping it eating it.

    Or I just say cause I can afford it.
  3. I would just say "nevaaa" and jump out the nearest window. Or just tell them their buzzkills sooo, stfu. But I stay far far way from buzzkills.
  4. it was a real drag when i first started toking. it almost made me not want to smoke. but im smarted than that :D
  5. girlfriend naggin.....theres definitely some others but thats number one fo sho
  6. tell them its your body, not theirs. also expain that fast food is worse than regular smoking.
  7. I've known my main group of friends since like middle school. Back then, we were all pretty much bragging about how we would be straight-edge our entire lives. Now, half of us (including me) are potheads. The other half who don't smoke, well they don't really give a shit and they still hang out with us during smoking sessions.

    How can you call someone a friend if they get mad at you for doing something that doesn't hurt anyone?

  8. same as me actually. hahaha i used to hate the herb but now i love it. and i gotta hand it to the people who chill with you during you sessions and dont smoke cuz they must have some serious will power not to smoke themselves

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