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  1. Me and my friend were up ALL night smokin joint after joint. Well we didnt see that it was 7 a.m. Which was about the time my dad got up then.(i was under 18 then). We heard him walking to my room so we jumped on the couch and started laughing are asses off. He came in, room smokey as hell, and asked what we were laughing at, so i said something on T.V., He looked at the T.V. and said "yea, right" and walked out. i thought we were in the clear and then i said, "wait dude, the T.V. isnt on...:smoking:
  2. haha such a stoner situation, lucky he didnt do anything. i know parents that would flip the hell out
  3. yea im 18 now but i still havnt told him that i smoke. Old fucker can still hand out ass whoopings.
  4. hahah thats funny tv wasnt even on classic
  5. lmao that is some funny shit

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