buying weed off the web?

Discussion in 'General' started by since93, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. i just saw a thread where the op is stressed out about buying weed from craigslist, kijiji etc...and i replied i thought buying weed off the web was gonna be pretty big in the future...

    what do you think?
  2. Its pretty big right now actually

    Just have to find the community for it
  3. i see what youre saying but "the community"?
  4. Well theres a community for everything lol..

    So I would assume theres a community for that too..(I.e the tor network)
  5. Already exists (silkroad, various other .onion websites)
    you need to download something called tor in order to go on them, and you need to trade in your money for bitcoins (an untraceable online currency) before you can buy anything.
  6. the onion thing..hmm...well, idk...seeing that guys post about freaking out over whether he should or shouldnt contact those ads in craigslist etc shows there are people or not-to-deep networks like tor etc...

    maybe the whole buying weed off the web hasnt taken off massively yet...
  7. yeah see thats what i was thinking when meneks said tor...not everyone is on tor (god knows i tried downloading it and running it but failed miserably, and im a fairly pc savvy guy)...
  8. I think people are objectively trying to avoid that, otherwise huge investigations(if they haven't already started) would happen and more people would be getting arrested..

    I actually looked some up this stuff a little while ago and read threads from like 2003 about people getting shit in the mail or online lol

  9. huh, that's interesting.
    I'm a computer science major, and it was as simple as downloading it and running it. I have absolutely zero need for it, unless I were to need someone assassinated (note: all .onion website that claim they will kill someone for you are thinly veiled ploys to get your bitcoins and do nothing. Not like you can call the cops and tell them some untraceable person didn't kill someone for you, or even find themselves) or some hard to find unmentionables.

    no, not everyone is on tor.
    in fact, most people have no idea what tor is.
    I think there will be more use for it when big brother becomes stronger.
  10. What are the factors that you think will make it big in the future? From what I've seen it's more of a hassle, takes a lot longer, isn't any less expensive and is arguably riskier than buying from a dealer in person.
  11. Everyday THOUSANDS of packages go through these shipment facilities, none of them go through any xrays or anything of the sort.

    I remember reading up on tor and an intern at usps was talking about the screening process, for a package to be deemed suspicious it has to be wet, or just plain obvious.

    I've gotten shoes in the mail, according to the tracking site the package weight a little under 2 pounds, in a fairly medium sized box.

    I've also gotten 40 pound dumbbells in the mail, Imagine the possibilities with bud and what could be sent through it.

    With a connect, depending on how they handle business, but a lot of connects handles shit from their house.. With that said, several people coming to someones house for intervals of a minute. People WILL become suspicious, and that becomes risky.
  12. Silkroad is sooo over priced.

  13. i can get anything on SR withing 30 min of my house and its always cheaper and i get it on the spot hassle free
  14. hahaha no one would ever buy weed offline thats illegal and we dont do that
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  16. ehh, I wouldn't advocate it. But I've used the web to score before.

    I've used craigslist before while on vacations in places I had no connects, and wasn't having luck with the normal ways... ie looking for stoners, asking around, etc. Not the smartest thing to do, but I never had any problems.

    and years ago, I went through a company out of the pacific NW to buy some edibles through the mail. great edibles, great prices. never got ripped off. One day the company just disapeared, contact number was shut off. Figuired they got busted. again, not the smartest thing to do. And I probably wouldn't do it now. But I was happy with the service the few times I used it.
  17. Have any of you considered the possibility that buying bud off the net is a great way to sample different strains of weed. I live in Northern Ireland, and weed prices here obviously vary from dealer to dealer but for a score bag (£20) i get roughly 1.6/1.8 grams of weed. The best stuff i have smoked is either white widow or lemon haze

    Right now i am browsing the black market on deep web, and i am tempted to try 1 gram of afghan kush for 2 bitcoins (£14)

    Sounds dank :smoke:
  18. That whole tor thing seems shady as fuck. I think I heard that dude Adam Flowers got busted a while back. Call me paranoid but I figure the powers that be will always find a way to trace shit online if they really want to.

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