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buying weed in school

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by folied, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. My guy is bringing in a quarter of nyc diesel and me and my friend are splitting the cost. how the hell are we gonna be able to keep it in our book bags without it reeking up everywhere?

    before anyone says shit we are both 18
  2. bring in a glass jar and put it in your backpack.
  3. Smoke it right away.
  4. This sounds like an attractive solution. :smoking:
  5. #5 MC pee pants, Jun 4, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 5, 2009
    just tell your friend to stfu and put your dick in his mouth.

    dude why?
  6. um, why risk it?

    if it has to be, yes the glass jar will work, or a plastic food container. something that can seal air out.
  7. do it after school in the parking lot. Problem solved.
  8. Buying weed in school is a bad choice.
  9. if it is in a bag and in your book bag it shouldn't smell anyway. as stated buying weed in school is a bad choice. wait till school is over and walk off school grounds. or do it in the morning before school either way.
  10. No.

    Just pick it up after school.
  11. It won't smell horendous. Just keep your backpack away from teachers.
  12. goto the bathroom and deal or
    u can do the smart way and wait after school
  13. Yea, its preety safe to do the deal in the washroom but you got to put it in a jar and throw in one of those pinetree car freshners in your bag
  14. Don't buy weed in school. One time is all it takes, and your fucked. Buy it after school, it's not that hard. Possessing in school is O.K, use a mason jar or pill bottles (not the best). Be careful. Just get it during lunch and drive it/get it home.

  15. When my one friend got caught sellin at school i told him that "schools are for learnin, and the streets are for dealin."

    thats what u should follow here. its just dumb to risk it
  16. well.. he learned something didn't he? lol

  17. your a strange one..
  18. Bring another, slightly larger, baggie to put t in to give two layers. Then i slot it in my glove and push it into my bag. Any smell is absorbed by the glove.
    In my school people will steal your dope if you dont hide it
  19. wait until after school, but yeah, take a jar with you if you insist on getting it during school
  20. Don't take weed to school. Bad choice man... If you have a car, or your connect has a car tell him to meet you after school at his car or your car. One of the two.

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