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Buying weed for the first time.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SpookyScary, Nov 28, 2016.


Yes or No?

Poll closed Jan 16, 2017.
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  1. Buy on the deep web if you don't have a dealer.
    I've done this before and it's not as sketchy as you think if you know what you're doing.
  2. Paysafe cards are not traceable ( my wife was scammed trying to buy a dog on kijiji the money was withdrew in nigeria from a companie in sweden)
    They clearly state that the code is equivalent to cash I wasnt able to get any information from anyone. I do not recommend this way of buisness... go to a bar someone is going to end up smoking one :p
  3. There are legit and non legit dealers on CL. My bet would be your dealing with someone who is not legit and you will lose your money. Why on earth would someone give up money first to someone they just met on the internet? There's always a taker out there that's why these ads exist. Secondly while there is the slight chance that the person offering weed is LE it's highly unlikely but that's the chance you will have to take, after all this is the internet.
  4. Everyone is telling you it's a bad idea and likely a scam, but you're going to do it anyways? SMH.

    How young are you?
  5. Most likely not over 18 or he would go to a bar and most likely be able to find some from there....I mean maybe its easier for us in Canada but always worth a shot....
  6. Im 17, I havnt gone with the deal. I understand that its almsot 100% a scam thats why im taking cautions. Any ways, any tips on finding dealers in UK? NI
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  7. yo dude im telling you, just put the weed down your underpants. Might sound kinda gross but no one will smell it nor feel it. Trust me on this :)
  8. Don't do it. It could be grass for all you know. Cmon now you really think it'd be legal to order weed online? It's not even legal in all states. Anyways always get you're weed in person. There's no such thing as a safe dealer. It's either you come to the hood pick up you're weight and leave back to the suburbs or do something suspect like that online and have 12 knock on you're door about to rope you up.

  9. I remember my freshmen year in the weed culture. I always relied on my bf to get weed for me cause I didn't know how to approach a plug. I was uncomfortable at first about it but once you start to associate yourself with stoners then you'll be introduced to plugs, (go to parties) now plugs hit me up

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  10. Associate yourself with Stoners. Once you have a few stoner buddies, get together match a few times then I'm sure they'll put you on their plug.

  11. They're not plugs if they're hitting you up to buy.
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  12. Nice age dumbass..... It is 100% scam not an almost about it.... It is a scam
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  13. Alright chill, I confronted him for proof of product and he declined, saying it was too much hassle, fuck that shit. Now to bassically scavange around and ask for any contacts, Thanks for the help
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  14. When your of age... Warehouse work always has people... Plasma donation clinics.... Friends of friends.... Servers at restraunts... Usually atleast one stoner bar in town. But not the Internet way to unsafe and almost always a scam unless done on certain. Onion sites.
  15. No one reported him? SMH.
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