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Buying weed for the first time.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SpookyScary, Nov 28, 2016.


Yes or No?

Poll closed Jan 16, 2017.
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  1. Hello everyone,
    I've recently got into the weed culture and really enjoy it. I first got to try it off my friend and really enjoyed it, i have no more contact with that friend and have come upon to get it my self. I live in a small country part of the UK and its super hard to find any safe dealers.

    I found someone on craigslist (Yes, i know it seems very sketchy to openly admit to selling drugs online), i told him that i was suspect that he was a cop and we came to an arangment, i give him £20 paysafecard and he drops the weed in a discreat area where i could pick it up whenever i feel like it.

    I'm asking if i should go through with this, I am not that desperate to get it but it would just be fun to have some.
    I'd like to hear all opinions!
  2. sounds like you will lose 20 bucks if you do that

    always see the weed before paying and always weigh it out with a gram scale this one will work fine. never under any circumstance front money. if they have the money there is no reason to give you weed. cops are not worried about someone buying a gram or 2 of weed they have far better things to worry about.
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  3. This is the UK I am talking about, will this still apply?
    He also told me that i cannot pay him with cash and instead paysafecard because ''cops arnt able to accept money for drugs'', is that true?
  4. That's a ripoff waiting to happen
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  5. Cops aren't allowed to do a lot of things that they do anyways. Craigslist is sketchy for me too... I really can't think of a safe way to go about it. Even if it was a drop off, he'd know where the stuff was, and if he was a cop, he wouldn't have to be there, they could have people hiding waiting for when you get to the location and bam. So either way, doing this won't stop a cop, I don't think at least..... I took 2 years criminal justice, but I don't know the real answer I suppose.
  6. Yeah, I think that you guys should just exchange hand in hand...
  7. that sounds like the equivalent of when people think an undercover cop has to say they are a cop if you ask them.
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  8. Yes, but a drop-off seems much more safer to me because it is illegal to have any possesion of marjuana, and to top it off i'm quiet young so it's very intimedating.
  9. i mean look it's only a small amount of money and a tiny amount of weed. you might as well do it and learn your lesson to not do it again. chances are you are going to lose 20 bucks and that's all that will happen.
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  10. Exactly how I feel, I wish it was decriminalized at leassst!
  11. I think you should just learn to grow your own......

    Fuck knowing the plug, when you can be THE plug.
  12. Alright i'll go through with it and see what happens, I'll just get the guy to take a picture of the product with a random keyword beside it. Marajuana is hopefully soon to be legalized in the uk, there has been several parliament parties dedicated to legalisation and recently an MP who has publically announced that he is fighting toward legalisation for medication use.
  13. Where am i going to get seeds, and i like i said, i'm young and live in my familys home, i'm pretty sure you need dedicated heating and shelter for it.
  14. Get seeds online. In fact, I get seeds from a seed bank right in the UK. You should be able to. I'm in an illegal state in the US, and have received my seeds 3 different times from the one in UK.

    And you don't need heating. In fact, you need the opposite - to control heating. Too much heat - bad. Too little heat - bad. 65 - 85 is the optimal range IMO. Personally, my environment regulates itself. If your house has heating with it or AC with it, you could do it too.
  15. At the end of the day whether the guy is legit or not anyone who advertises their business online like that (not to mention in the LOCAL classifieds) is an idiot. So even if he is legit you're dealing with someone who doesn't think things through.
  16. There is hunreds of people doing the same thing, which is why I believe they are cops.
    Gyazo - 22addc0317663940683e86e9eea90d6c.png this isnt even half.
  17. Yeah well at the end of the day that's hundreds of idiots then I don't know what to tell you. I mean I understand there's very little chance cops would go after some small time street guy posting pics onto classifieds but still...
  18. Heres how that will work. You send him $20, he accepts it...why would he give you weed? He already has your money. Chances are he probably doesn't even have weed. This is a common scam that takes little effort on his part.
  19. Sounds like a definite scam to me.
  20. I get mine from a site in Norfolk, but they post.

    I grow in the north of england. My house hasnt reached 65F in weeks, its only the lights keeping it anything like warm enough and over the winter I expect to be heating my tent/the room more than I would if I wasnt growing.
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