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  1. Looking at getting a ps3 this weekend. The thing is I'm going to have to buy used otherwise I'll just end up with the console and no games... or nothing to play it on (need a tv too).
    Anyway I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Don't want to drop 200$ on a system and games only to end up with a broken system a month later.
    My first thought was Craigslist since I'll be able to actually inspect it and try it out as opposed to ebay where it's sight unseen. Also I'll get to haggle with the price a little bit and squeeze out some extra for a small tv.
    Anyway, any tips so I don't get ripped off? I've been scammed a few times.
    any tips on buying used would be great.

  2. Why not wait for the next gen or get a used one at Gamestop ?
  3. it will cost you more, but you can always know for sure that the used shit from gamestop will not be broken (at least not unusable).
    craigslist could work as long as you get a chance to see if the system works, but it's still kinda sketchy.
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    Because it's taken 7 years for the price to drop into my range. I've never owned one so there's SOOOOO many games I need to catch up on. The next Gen's are going to have to wait.
    Looked at the prices online for gamestop. 200$ for the used system. I'd still need to drop money on games, and a tv before I could play it. I can get a bundle pack off craigslist for about 170$ - 200$ and haggle the price down a little. I'm still needing to get a tv. Which I'm at a max limit of 30$ for.
    I'm not going to post my financials on here, but to keep it simple, I'm on a TIGHT budget that just recently opened up to the point where I can buy the things I want. I just need to be smart (money wise) about it.
    Maybe I'll check a pawnshop?
    The reason why I'm kinda wanting to do it this weekend, is because my laptops going out. Since I mainly use the computer for net surfing I was thinking a ps3 would be a suitable replacement since I could still surf the net and such.
  5. go for the slim ps3 or super slim. the original shiny box is known for bugs.
    i got the slim and if if breaks ill get a super slim new cuz they look pretty cool.
    i can see myself getting another PS3 before i would get a PS4. there's still tons of games coming out til 2015
  6. Find a refurbished PS3 for sale from a reputable seller / company.  Refurbished products are usually a very good way to save money on electronics as once a product breaks, get sent to sony or whoever to be fixed, they damn sure dont wanna see that very same product ever again to be fixed, so refurbs are often fixed quite well and last a very long time compared to new or used consoles.
  7. if u wait for ps4 the ps3 prices will drop
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    Not really.  Ps3 only costs 250 NEW with a 500 gig harddrive and drakes uncharted 3.  Dont expect to see prices fall much lower than 200, IF that.

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