Buying Underwear for a Black Girl

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by Vee, Jul 2, 2019.

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    So I set my self a challenge of buying lingerie for a black friend for her birthday.

    Man was I in for a surprise about 50-60 sites later I settled on Nubian-Skin,
    no other or very few ..if any Lingerie sites catered for differing skin colors,
    wake up China we can make some cash .

    OK I only know too well I'm outta my depth here so I'll be sure to keep the receipt
    or better buy her a Gift Token, but an actual item is the best way to go

    sorting skin colors is fine I'm winning but then theirs skin tones..
    which may take some study
    and then theirs sizes.. many huge sizes, that may extend this thread several months
    I may have to skip her birthday and present her at Christmas
    we wait and see, in fact I may have to discover more about the intended ..hold tight
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  2. I don't understand why did you have to look on 50/60 websites for underwear just because of the colour of someones skin..

    Any race can wear any type of clothes/underwear they like man lol
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  3. I’ll look at the sites for you ;-)

    Victoria’s Secret yo
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  4. Women usually I would think like to buy their own intimate wear unless you're really close but if she's just a 'friend' I'm not sure.
    These look nice though.
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  5. Vostok you just blew my mind comrade
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  6. I agree, but then again all the sites I went to
    were all blond white slim photoshopped 'chicks'
    I was searching for a store that represented reality or a smear of it

    ever tried buying a swim suit for an Asian girl?
    but hey buy her a 12yo white girls bikini..?
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  7. its why the gift token was/is appealing

    but is weak
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  8. winr.jpg
    that more like it ....thanks
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  9. :laughing::laughing: I usually just shop at Ann summers (basically Victoria secret) if it's for a chick lmaoo

    There was better pics with tittys out but I can't post them here lmaooo
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  10. Gift cards baby!
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    Well im a black girl an I like Victorias Secret the best. This hard to answer tho because we not all the same tho so idk what she personally likes.

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  12. I think you just wanted to put up a picture of these stunning women. lol
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  13. This, and only this
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  14. Buy her a gift card to Victoria's Secret.
  15. If feels more like OP wants the world to know he has a sexy black gf? If my husband was black, I'd still buy his boxers at Target. :D
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  16. If she is a big girl my lady likes and good ole lane Bryant. My personal advice thought is especially if she has large boobs and some good weight is to pay attention to if all the bras are from one company. If all bras are from one company you know you better not buy nothing from anywhere but there because she has probably tried it and it doesn't fit correctly. Good luck I like to go to the store and pick some out in advanced and then have her come try them on to help me decide. Good luck trolllllllllllllll lol
  17. Get her a BIG ASS DICK ND BALLS CAKE I guarantee she'll love it
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  18. Get her a gold ankle bracelet (trust me) and go for naked.

    *maybe a Victoria Secrets gift card as the token.
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  19. Ask her to try them all on in the shop with you. Then look at that shit.
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  20. Thats not bad either ...I get my share

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