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Buying seeds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theSMOGcheck, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Probably a dumb question I'm sure - but better to be safe than sorry. So my question is, can you buy seeds online? If so, where would you suggest is the best place to grab some? If not, where do you get your seeds? Thanks in advance - Smog.
  2. if you live in the US then you can not buy seeds online
  3. Try attitude seed bank, my friend ordered ten seeds and they sent him five extra ones for free. And they deliver fast and discretely.
  4. Yes I'm from WI. So how the hell does anyone get their hands on some good seeds?

  5. are you sure about this?? i do think that there are some sites that will sell to the US but if not then just grow some bag seed you would be suprised you can get a good grow from just bag seed
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    What are the risks of this, it seems others are saying it wouldn't be safe.
  7. i dont recommend having the seeds sent to the place where you plan to grow

  8. PLEASE read this forum, it will answer ALL your questions!
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    ehhh, wrong. There are plenty of seed banks that ship to the US. It's plenty safe, do your reasearch here and you'll see how safe and easy it is. try attitude seeds
  10. I know that is not true. The main problem with the US is seeds being intercepted by US customs. Seed suppliers in the Netherlands and the UK will be delighted to take your money and send you seeds.
  11. Thanks for the advice everybody. I'll see if I can get the seeds shipped to a pals home.:smoking:
  12. *buzzer noise* wrong. i live in NY and got seeds sent to me no problem. 5 femmed white widow and 5 free power skunk seeds. all for about 40 bucks, shipping included.
  13. Doesnt matter where they get shipped, they'll either clear customs or not. If they dont worse case is you'll get a letter from customs.

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