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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by calp, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. i am wanting to buy seeds off because I love the customer support etc,
    Any specific strains you guys think I should use?
    I want to do this outdoors this may
  2. Where do you live? Generally speaking...
  3. Michigan
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    Well since you live pretty far north you will want an early flowering strain...

    I would recommend basically anything that is heavily indica dominant... Hindu Kush comes to mind... Or some Nirvana Afghan would suite you nicely...

    I would also highly recommend northern lights...

    I personally would order from and get their Norther Lights #5... But if you have your heart set on GC, go for it... The one reason I am recommending is because they have a guaranteed seed delivery policy. Their service is also excellent.
  5. Unfortunately man, for us growers here in Michigan (and the U.S.), Grasscity's policy is to not send seeds to the States.

    I would highly recommend Seed Boutique for purchases.
  6. Well then never mind about GC! I forgot that they don't ship to the US. I would go with then. They are a Canadian bank and they have exceptional service. I would get any strain of theirs that is indica dominant. I would recommend Northern Lights #5 or Hindu Kush.
  7. Yea but that canadian comp prob doesnt ship either?
  8. they ship worldwide.. or so they say :)

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