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  1. i been using clone vendors in Los Angeles for about 4 years now. But more often then not I started getting mixed or wrong strains from vendors all over town.
    I want to go back to the source and start with the seeds and just keep cutting....
    since I never purchased seeds before, I have tons of questions.
    Do I need a P.O. Box?
    Where do I buy from?
    How do I pay?
    if anyone can find a time out of their schedule and feel me in on best practices.
    Thank you.
  2. its just like anything else you buy online seedsman are good to buy from
  3. I've ordered from The Vault, Hipersemillas, and Real Gorilla Seeds. They all had their quirks, but I had great consumer experiences from all of them. The Vault has a strong presence here on GC, and their customer service is top notch. I ordered some pricey genetics off RGS, and they have a variety of seeds not available elsewhere.

    Of the three, The Vault had the best pricing by a dollar or two per seed. Hipersemillas had some stuff that The Vault wasn't able to stock through their distributor. RGS has good customer service if contacted through ICmag. Shipping was similarly fast for all of them. Hipersemillas may have taken a few more days, but they ship from Spain rather than the UK, like the other two.
  4. Thank you.
    Do they ever send you a wrong or different strain from the one you buying?
    Just like they screw with you when buying clones?
  5. Not that I have experienced. I have heard a few cases of people ordering autoflower seeds and getting photo periods....or vice versa.....but most companies today will "make it right" should that happen
  6. My first order was thru Growers Choice. I think they shipped from Cali. I couldn’t of been happy. It was quick and easy. Shipped discretely to my door
  7. The vault is one of the sponsors on grasscity and very trustworthy. They hold contest, giveaways and comparison grows on here
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  8. Do u want seedbank here in usa or do u want to buy from united kingdom ?

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  9. I suggest DC seed exchange - no PO needed - multiple ways to pay quick and secure ... lots of good genetics
  10. If you switch to autos, mailing cash to mephisto is safe and easy. They ship from CO.
    Growers Choice is very easy, but there have been some concerns about their quality. I've grown 2 of their auto stains, and they were fine.

    But I'm unhappy with all other US seed bank right now, because they either have poor auto selections, are over-price, or require 5 seed packs minimum.

    Now for european seeds I order from alibongo without stealth, and with free shipping.
  11. I switched to seeds a while back due to sooooo many clones having pest and or powder mildew , clone vendors are in for the money they will tell you the clones they have are the latest and greatest when who knows what they really have . As im normally growing strains that are new to me I cannot say for sure that the seeds I get are what they say they are but ive been happy with seeds from growers choice . I tried to order from the vault but my bank would not let the charge go thru ( something about id have to contact my bank to allow over seas purchases to much hassle for me plus the entire customs thing ) other places use bitcoin and im not hassling with that either , or blind mail cash , which I did not want to do either
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  12. That’s pretty much why I went with Growers Choice. I was a little nervous but it couldn’t of been easier
  13. I'm going to stick with Southern Oregon Seeds. They accept credit cards and ship crazy fast. I had my seeds within 3 days of payment. I have also used Seedsman and had a good experience. It took exactly 3 weeks to get my seeds though.
  14. So as you can see....there are MUTIPLE reputable sites to choose from....

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