buying seeds and not get ripped off

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  1. was wanting to invest in some seeds but have hesitated cause I don't want to lose my hard earned money.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Nirvana or Herbies. Stealth shipping. The end. :)
  3. Attitude seed bank is highly spoken of.
  4. Bcbuddepot and cropkingseeds
  5. The first seeds I got were from Vancouver seed bank because I thought might be a bit safer to order something closer to home. 
    Received 3 orders from them so far.
    Just received some seeds from The Vault.
    My cousin has used The Gorilla and loved them
    Not that I'm in the US but this thread would make me wary of ordering from Attitude depending on location.

    Seems to be a pretty common place for there seeds to get caught up. Most seed banks including Attitude will resend seeds in till they show up. 
    Don't forget to check out all the competions for free seeds. There is a good 4-5 you could enter.
  6. Basically every breeder is a ripoff these days. Last time I bought seeds I got a variety pack of 25 for $5 and 10 hindu kush autos for $25. Now prices are triple that if not more, I just stick to bagseeds.
  7. I used nirvanna and attitude. I'm on the east coast in a conservative state. Both got here fine. Nirvanna took a bit longer. They are creative with their shipping.
    Lol. The seed banks mentioned ain't gunna rip you off. It's the government who does lol.
  8. Take a trip to Colorado!

    Buy 'em from a legal dispensary and have a fun weed friendly vacation!
  9. I have had great luck with attitude. Every order has been in my mailbox within 9 to 14 days and completely intact. Just be sure to get the garaunteed shipping and they will either get you your seeds or refund your money in cases of damage or customs siezure.
  10. As other posters have said I used attitude and received my order in less than two weeks. Pay for he stealth shipping insurance and you get piece of mind if they don't show you will get them replaced. I would pay attention to the breeder of the seeds and look into the strain of seed more than would worry about which bank to use. Not all breeders are creates equal just as not all strains 're created equal. Look outside of breeder advertising for somebody who has actually posted a grow with the desired strain for real information of what to expect from your investment girls.
  11. If you use attitude wait til they post their monthly special you will end getting 4-6 more free seeds on top of the free seeds you get for amount spent if you do.
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    I completely understand OP!  I have been ripped off more than once.  All I gotta say is be careful of buying seeds from your LHS.
    My top 2 recommendations:
    PeakseedsBC - Breeder direct best prices
    The Vault - Seed distributor - Amazing customer service, great prices.
    *edit* I've never used these places but many have great success with them - Herbies, Attitude, Gorilla, Cannazon, Sannies.

    Don't listen to this guy.
  13. whatever gimp, they are both reputable, no need to be rude except to say maybe you have bias for a particular reason, such as you can't handle the competition. Both places you mentioned have been known slow shipping and actually very poor to deal with...... cool MO though.
    BC Bud depot is not reputable.  If OP searches he will see a ton of unhappy customers. I stand by my statement.  Don't listen to noizviolation.  BCBudDepot is ripoff artists and Crop King is bunk-o.
    Please show me user accounts on the internet about slow shipping and very poor dealings from The Vault or Peak?
    Here are my 2 threads about The Vault and PeakseedsBC.  You can see that NO ONE is speaking of what you claim.

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    Bud depot and crop king are both well known to be scam artists. I will definitely second that. I would never trust my money to either site, maybe it's fine but why chance it? Esp when they don't even have the best selection. The dude pumping these sites is probably the man making the cash off them. How much did they pay you to post this, because your the only one I have ever seen say they were good sites. Either that or you have never really used a seedbank and picked the only two names you had heard.
  16. special.... nice sales propaganda boss lol. I ordered from peak even though i should not have as even their descriptions show their lack of intelligence. Took over 21 days to get my seeds, ordered 6 sets, 4 came after 21 days, the last 2 i had to non stop call and email until the slimy little puke finally fessed up that they must have made the mistake. I dont need to read reviews written by their employees making them look good, i was stung once wont go back. Dont listen to this guy, likely the owner rofl.
  17. 'Cant handle the competition'? Who exactly is he competing against? He doesn't work for them...
    PSBC and the Vault are both very legitimate and have great customer service and fast shipping. I can't say for shipping outside of Canada but even so usually it is customs fault. Not to mention that PSBC is only $30/ ten can you beat that?

    I have heard nothing but bad things about BCBD. Can't say anything about Crop King since i just recently heard of them but I have not seen any posts praising them for anything.
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    funny man, i am a medical client living across the country from them. Since getting my MMAR i have ordered from many places in canada and these 2 have been the most reliable that's all.
    Anyone can make wild false claims like you do. I'm definitely not any kind of owner or breeder.  Just an amateur grower and seed collector.  This make me wonder though, are you the BC Bud Depot owner?  You seem highly offended and almost zealous in the defense of BCBD.
    Like I said.  I have been ripped off more than once.  I do not take kindly to it.  I have read 90 bad reviews for every single good review for BC Bud Depot.  I would never recommend them to anyone.
    here are several threads JUST ON GRASS CITY, not to mention all the other forums,  about why not to go with BC Bud Depot.

    I have never heard of crop king scamming people I have just heard and seen in videos they are bunk-o. Auto's not autoflowering. Weak genetics. Poor big box business customer service as well.
    They sell the beans on the shelves of local head shops across Canada.  Can't say I'd recommend buying beans literally hanging on a rack in sunlight all day.

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