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Buying related etiquette question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dubyab, May 12, 2010.

  1. I have recently started to hang out with a buddy I know through work and he has seemed very cool about hooking me up in a new city. Unfortunately on several occasions we have failed to coordinate me, him, and the dealer. Most of the time I have asked when we can hook up tonight and he says he will shoot his guy a text or what not or says yes I will let you know when. Then I don't get a reply but don't send any reminders because I figured it would be excessive. I usually just wait a few days and try again. several weeks later I know he is still trying... but my question is, what is the line between excessive nagging and a reminder to let them know you are still interested? Once every couple days? once a week? If he sounds promising for a particular night, but I don't get any response should I send a reminder?
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    I guess it really depends on what his response is. If he says something like, "Maybe, I have to shoot my dealer a text," I'd remind him about once every day or so, because it seems like he actually has no idea if his dealer is good for it. If he promises for a particular night, I'd keep reminding him after it gets late enough where you're starting to doubt he'll come through for you. Here are a few suggestions to keep this from being much of a problem...

    1. Start buying in weight. This means you'll have to deal with this kind of thing less often, because you're not just buying a 20 bag that might last you for a couple nights, and then you need more. Weed keeps well in an airtight glass mason jar. I've kept it in one of these for months and I couldn't tell a difference in the high. Plus you usually get better prices when buying by the eighth, quarter, etc. than you do buying a certain monetary value of weed (nick, dime, 20 bag, etc.)

    2. Contact this guy well before you actually run out, so that it's not as big of a deal if he doesn't come through for you or if his dealer's dry at the moment.

    3. Kindly tell your friend to start being more straightforward with you. I could be wrong on this one, but it sounds like he's the kind of person who doesn't like to let you down, and thus he might say yes to being able to get you some on a particular night, even if he's not really sure if he can.
  3. Once every couple days (3-4 days) would seem straight as a reminder. Overall I think you should just ask if you can cop his dealer's number to save you from bothering him.
  4. before i had a solid connect i would ask someone, and if they didnt get back usually within an hour id text em again or call and if they didnt get back again i would just find someone else, its your money you dont need to wait for someone
  5. It's his fault for not giving you the direct number or hooking you up so I say keep nagging all you want.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I do usually buy in bulk... quad or half. And my plan was to meet the guy and see about getting his number direct. My friend is cool and honest... I think he is just one of those guys that spaces out. lol. I missed one opportunity where he said his guy could meet up in 20 minutes but I was already into my 5th beer across town when I got that text so It didn't happen! lol
  7. No. Sure, the guy should try to follow through when he says, or at least be honest if he can't, but you can't blame anyone for not giving out a numer.

    Dealers are in a risky business and many do not want their customers giving out the number without having an opportunity to check them out himself.

    OP, it sounds like you're friend is conflicted between his friendship with you and wanting to hook you up, and staying loyal to the guy who supplies him with his illegal drugs. There's no easy solution, just talk it out and good luck.
  8. Yeah man if he says he'll text his guy or whatever it'd be okay to ask him later on that evening. I don't know about you guys, but it seems like my dealers forget I called or something, and I'll call them later and they'll be good. Shouldn't be a problem man.
  9. I'm not blaming him for it, I do it too. If you don't want to give the number out though you mark yourself as the middle man. If you want to be the middle man then you better be ready to deal with at least some nagging. If he didn't want you to call him and nag than he should have given you the dealers number. I hate people nagging me for hookups but it's my fault for making myself the middle man.

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