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Buying RCs Online?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by relakit3, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. #1 relakit3, Nov 4, 2009
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    I found $400 in a box on my desk (I know, it's ridiculous) and decided to buy some stuff. My friend, who gets drug tested, really wanted me to order some Spice for him but the website that I am ordering my bong equipment from won't ship ANY of the "incense" to the US. So I found what seems to be a good RC source, realizing that if I would have to pay for shipping twice, why not just get the RCs and save a shit load per mg (and have some for myself :hello:)

    Anyway, my question is will I get into any trouble with customs for receiving 500mg Mephedrone and 500mg JWH-073? It is standard air mail from Asia and totals up to about $75 (total, not mail). If it matters, it looks like I'll have to make an account on AlertPay and use a Visa gift card.

    I'm real excited. Mephedrone is an analog of MDMA, and is pretty similar. Using all that myself. JWH-073 is an analog of THC, kind of like JWH-018 but less bam more damn :smoking:

    To the experienced JWH users - If you could get JWH-018, 073, 200, or 250, what would you get?
  2. no they're legal to purchase and receive, not to ingest. but if you're going to fox with research chemicals i'd say get some actually fun ones.

    the 2c-x family is absolutely keen.

    and you do know that research chemicals aren't something to be played with, right? there's a lot of danger that goes into taking them. they are unscheduled and there is little to no research done on them. you never know how your body is going to react to them.
  3. I was looking in to the 2Cs, but they're pretty damn expensive. If they're better (even though totally different) than Mephedrone, then I'll get those instead. I've never tripped before, unless DXM or shitty snipped acid counts.

    I won't give the name of the site, but here's the list of products. If there's something there that is like incredably mindblowing, tell me.

    * JWH-018 (THC)
    * JWH-073
    * JWH-200
    * JWH-250
    * Bk-MDMA (Ecstasy)
    * Bk-MBDB (Ecstasy)
    * Mephedrone (Ecstasy)
    * MDAI (Ecstasy)
    * 5-MeO-DALT
    * 2C-C
    * 2C-D
    * 2C-E
    * 2C-I
    * 2C-T-2
    * MDPV (Ecstasy)
    * Dimethocaine (Cocaine)
    * O-Desmethyltramadol (Tramadol)
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    Cocaine? Like similar or close to cocaine? Is this a powder? Damn I should read up on it...:smoking:

    edit: Lol you have to take ten times greater the amount of Dimethocaine in order to experience it than for cocaine
  5. Yeah, if you make your own. It's hard to compare because of the difference in quality. The way I read it, it's 10 times less potent than 100% pure cocaine.
  6. Hey could you help me out on the vendor. Ive been looking for
    a place to get some 2C-E for awhile. Just send me a pm if you want.

    It's cool if you dont want too. People like to keep that shit on the dl

    Anyone wanna help me out?
  7. I went on to find out that it could take a physical toll on you because of the analgesic effects. Its more physical than psychological with no real "rush" or "euphoria." Besides you can buy enough real cocaine for the same price.
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    dxm is a deliriant not a psychedelic. no that wasn't tripping, more being delirious.

    5-meo-dalt is something i've been interested in trying. i've done a lot of research on it. it's a psychedelic tryptamine synthesized by andrew shuglin that appears to have very pleasant psychedelic effects that intensifies the sound of music and it heightens your natural "glow". it's a definite drug to be enjoyed similar to mdma. it hits you fast and hard.

    it doesn't appear to produce visuals at doses of 20mg but i'm not sure about higher doses of it. it also is supposed to make you pretty hungry. something to be interested in.

    2c-e is fun as fucking all hell. a psychedelic phenethylamine it's a drug to be enjoyed alone or with one friend that you seriously trust. it's a drug that helps you look into yourself. makes you feel like a completely new man, but when you come down, you want to sleep. you don't want to do anything else but sleep. i have personal experience with this substance. it's a real good time.

    those are the only two i'm familiar with, i've heard that jwh-018 is the best thc substitute, but i've also heard that it is weak as hell and it's better to just buy weed.

    and mephedrone has a chance to have high addiction potential from what i'm starting to notice. a friend of mine has been doing it a lot lately. and i mean a lot. i'm starting to think that mephedrone is not good for the future of drugs or drug users.

    hope this helps buddy. happy druggin'.
  9. Does anyone know any legit websites that you can buy pure JWH-018 or some 2cs from?
  10. Stay away from meph/Bk-MBDB. That stuff can cause some serious damage.

    JWH-018 is good, strong weed-like high. I'd go for 2c-e or 2c-i though.
  11. I ve tried 2ci and i thought it was any amazing experience the visuals were very LSD like, beautiful colours, waving and pulsing and it really helped me to see myself, i had this wierd langauge and images appear on my wall, they would then morph into a swirl it was pretty intense :) The only two things i don't like is the fact that there isn't enough info on what it does to your body and the second time i did it the trip wasn't as strong, so you need to be very precise when taking it as even a few mg can vary the strength of the trip.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm starting to get interested in 2C-E. I can handle my shit, but would that be too strong for a first time tripper? I heard 2C-C is lame and this RC order is probably only a one time thing for my friend.

    Anyone have any comparisons with the 2Cs or 5-MeO-DALT?
    Do you have a source for this? I'm also getting JWH-073 because I don't have a mg scale and the 018 doses are too small to eye. I've also read some great things about it. Does what you said apply to Bk-MDMA? If you mean from long-term or binging, I'm only buying 500mg of the JWH-073 and the Mephedrone.
  13. Wrong. DXM is a dissociative.
  14. A trippy one. I fell asleep during the come-up and woke up pretty sure that I was tripping my face off. One of the scariest/most awesome nights ever.
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    ah, one thing in my post that doesn't even really matter that was a mistake automatically deems my entire post wrong.

    i guess i just don't know a dang thing.

    if you care to point out another mistake i made in my post, i said andrew shuglin, instead of alexander shulgin.
  16. fyi everything else you said in your post was correct IMHO and drug education is never a bad thing. didn't mean to front bro, peace love and happiness. :smoke:
  17. yea id definitely look into the 2c family if i were you op. ive only tried 2cb so far but was thinking about buying some other rcs. if you trust it, some times theyre on ebay. i found a legit site, but you have to write up a letter specifically what its gonna be used for. not just "further research" or "plant growth" but as specific and exact as ya can get otherwise they might not send it.

    another reason for the 2cs and some other rcs is that sasha (alexander) shulgin created most/many of them. check out entries in his books pihkal and tihkal. ive tried 2cb in low doses, but i should be gettin some more in the next couple days of the same stuff and plan on trying it in a higher dose
  18. just type the actual chemical name of what you're looking for into google. and then look for an actual chemical manufacturer. just keep digging and you will find one.
  19. pm me that vendor haha

    Bolt off to google!!
  20. I dont think I would buy mephedrone. I've read about it and some people experience and it seems really harsh on your body. Find a vendor with some 2c products
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