buying pill press????

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  1. ok so short and simple.... where could one obtain a pill press, as in a little machine to make ecstacy pills?
  2. If you have to ask your operation doesn't require it.
  3. I think its illegal to own an even more illegal to operate one in the united states unless you have a license to do so, might be hard to get.
  4. Just use your fingers and press the powder together really hard.

    jk, I have no idea, ^ but it prob is illegal
  5. ya it seems like even if u can buy one legally, people who buy pill presses might be watched a little more closely if you know what i mean
  6. I don't know man I would stay away from that, the gov tries to keep track of who has them from what I've heard. Think about it, if your not a pharm company it basically means you are producing massive amounts of illegal drugs. Until now I thought they were actually regulated and very difficult to obtain.
  7. Yea and if you wanna buy one itll probobly be in the 1000s
  8. damn thanks guys

  9. That guy had the best answer, methinks. They are quite expensive, >$1000 easily, decent ones (I searched) seem to be 3K+
  10. \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t[​IMG]

    Its funny 'cause it's true.
  11. I wish I was smart enough and rich enogh so I could make my own rolls and acid....sigh
  12. Plus, you still have to have a stamp and make the machine work with the stamp.

    No one wants to spend all that money just to make blanks. I'd love to comission a detailed stamp to an artist and press fatty 1990s ~150mg MDMA pills.
  13. Use a pen tube and something that's a tight squeeze in the tube and press down on the powder with that to make a pill. You gotta press hard and it'll take a bit but if you really want to, that's your best shot.
  14. That'd be fuckin tight. But I feel like people would think you're just bs'ing them and would be reluctant to pay more, even though they'd be the best rolls they'd ever have.
  15. Get a pen tube with something solid and a perfect fit, then get something sturdy to press down the solid object with. Maybe you could hit it hard with a hammer? Ive never tried any of this nor do I have any with MDMA,just a thought.
  16. my boy has one, he presses pills ill ask him how he got it, and if your good mechanically you can make one ;) pm me or im me if u need any help OP

  17. I understand some of the chemists will actually send a sample of their product to a GS/MS lab for independent testing in order to show their potential clients the purity.

    However, they cannot send their sample to a GC/MS lab in the United States as the DEA does not allow them to report quantitative data received anonymously.

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