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Buying ounces

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thezool, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. so the most i've ever bought is an 8th. i can always get some it's very rare anyone is dry so it never really makes sense to get more.

    anyway do you guys go to a different dealer depending on the amount you get? i'm not sure the guy i usually go to gets that much, as far as i'm aware he's like small time selling 10's and 8ths maybe quarts every so often.

    i know i know i should just ask him but i've never bought that much before. seems weird going from asking for 8th's once or so a week to asking for a full ounce. :smoke:
  2. How is it weird to ask? Its common. Just know your average price for an ounce. You also need a scale and trust.

    100- LeBron (mids)
  3. If they are selling to you then the trust thing is s non issue, unless you come at them with some odd ball angle and they get sketched. I have never had an issue with amount. Now with some ppl they dont keep that much and they might act odd if you asked that person but that would be because they dont keep that much, not any other reason. Now that being said I have never switched dealers when getting one amount over another, though I have had luck with checking one 8th against another to see what dealer gives you fattest 8er, outside that I have a few hook ups and it just depends on what they have if I cop from them. Size only changes price, but it may be hard for a dealer around you to stay stocked on large amounts of dank if they are not moving that much. Outside that it should not matter, sometimes you can get a deal if you get more than an 8th, but that may not be the case where you are., JOE>
  4. And if they don't have much they ask if yoi can get in contact with their dealer
  5. Just ask him if he can get you an oz... Apparantly the kid doesnt have oz's on him if he is selling dimes...

    Your dealer buys his weed from his dealer... Which is probally an 8th-a half.. Maybe even whole ozs... So just ask if he can get it, he talk to his dealer and find out.
    And expect him to raise whatever price the ounce really is by like $50

    Dont pay over $400... And only pay that if its really good. For really good weed Id say it should be anywhere from 200-400 an ounce depending on where you live, and who your getting it from.
  6. Just ask your dealer/s what's good on the oz, ask a few questions about the tree, and then haggle on a price scheme.
  7. [quote name='"Wykyd_Green"']Just ask your dealer/s what's good on the oz, ask a few questions about the tree, and then haggle on a price scheme.[/quote]

  8. Lots of people never consider the benefit of quantity

    sure, if they are never dry you can always go get some weed, but you take 8 trips, to get the same quantity of bud someone gets to make 1 trip for an oz lol.... 8x the gas/walking/bus money

    Also, dealers generally cut the price in bulk.... the (for here) average price of an 8th on the street is 35-50

    the average oz price is 150-250

    even at 250 you pay less than 35 an 8th......
  9. I usually try buying half oz's. It allows me to keep contact with more dealers and have a variety. Haven't been smoking as much as before, so a half ounce of dank will probably last me around a month to myself.
  10. #10 Dubway, Nov 28, 2011
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    if you ask him for an oz, the worst thing he is gonna say is "sure, might have be a while untill i reup though because i dont hold that much".
  11. logical, expected answers. thanks folks :smoke:

    will give him a buzz when i get paid
  12. Just ask. IF anything he would charge you like $10 extra on his ounce prices so he can make a few bucks of the hookup which is very reasonable.
  13. If you dont trust your dealer that much dont get à zip right away i didnt trust my dealer very much so i bought 3 grams then moved to 5 grams then to 8 grams then to half ounce then to full ounce just to make sure there was no funny stuff going on

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