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Buying my first O tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushSmokaa, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. im getting it for 380 and dont know if i should pay in 20's or, 3 100's and 4 20's

    how do you guys pay when buying?
  2. I'd use 20s. Your dealer is going to want more normal bills if he's doing anything like depositing into the bank, or making smaller purchases without looking suspicious. Larger bills just tend to be much more difficult to use practically.
  3. 20's or the 100's and 20's will be fine either way. I highly doubt the dude will care unless it's in spare change and 1's.
  4. Your dealer honestly won't care. Money is money. Just don't give him a $500 and ask for change. That's just weird and inconvenient.
  5. He'll like the three hundreds and the 4 20's.

    I know I would.
  6. exact change for sure. dont think it matters to him tho.

    smaller bills mite be ideal for his convenience,
  7. Exact change, 20's and larger bills mostly. but most dealers wont care if there's a few 10's or 5's in the mix as well.

    I've never once heard of a dealer complaining about large bills. Quite the opposite, the dealers I've known are always happy to get larger bills. Ever pay for a QP in just 20's? It's quite a large wad of cash. Easier if some 100 and 50 dollar bills are thrown in the mix.

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