Buying My First New Car. Input?

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  1. So im thinking of buying an accord or civic. My 99mustang is just about to die and i dont want to put any more money into it. 
    Any recommendations on a new car that is <25k$?

  2. when in doubt, go oldschool
    shit is fuckin pimpin homie
  3. Nice, id paint the rims black but thats jus me
  4. With a 25k budget, you could get a civic and turn it into a stangbanger real fast. Or an integra.
  5. i am a mechanic. honda,toyota,and most import cars last longer than the domestic cars. that is what i have noticed. especially after the year 2000 model. 
  6. Go foreign for sure
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    Base/Sport Accord vs. Fully loaded civic
    Depends on what you want.
    - More comfortable ride
    - More room
    - More powerful Engine
    - More fun to drive
    - Ride quality is nice, but not like the accord
    - All the bells and whistles: Nav, heated leather seats, etc.
    - Slightly better fuel economy 
    Civic Si:
    - More fun to drive, less comfortable
    - Some bells and whistles
  8. If your looking at a civic or accord, take a look at the Mazda 3. I test drove the hatchback version as well as the Mazda 3 speed and they were both enjoyable in their own way(I think the speed was above 25k tjough)

    They make it in a sedan or hatchback, but I am just partial to hatchbacks.
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    Dont buy new and dont get a loan.
    Buy what you can afford with cash.
    <------been driving the same car for 10+ years with no car payment
  10. I'd say do your homework. The mustang is an awesome ride, i'd put my money into it or get an older one. You can build the shit out of the mustang, if she's tired put a fresh motor or rebuild that one. If i were you I'd rebuild the mustang. Why buy someone else's problem.
  11. Scion frs. That shit looks like a Corvette and a Ferrari had some mean sex and this thing popped out. It looks niiiice and its listed at 25k-26k on scions site.

  12. wow haha im in the same situation decently follwing this thread.. i kinda want a jeep or something.. another part of me wants a civic idkk
  13. Personally I would fix up the Mustang if it's just the engine actin up. But if it's too far down the line of being repaired I'd pick the Accord

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  14. Got the 2013 Black Civic. 
  15. Congrats.

    Which trim?
    Si, EX, or LX?

    What was the MSRP?
    And did you talked the price down with the dealership?

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  16. slightly used Subaru impreza wrx, there around 26-27k new so used should be low 20s and its well worth the price
  17. A bike or public transportation will save you a ton of money.
  18. It really annoys me when people don't read a thread and post something after the problem has been resolved.

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  19. [​IMG]
    only pic i have, the black one in the back is the civic (obviously)...I took the pic cause im selling the mustang.
  20. Nice pony. How'd you like the drop from 6 to 4 cylinders ;)


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