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Buying Marijuana seeds.....ON EBAY?? (Link)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HalfBaked1, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Well i was doing some aimless ebay searching tonight, after i bought my sharpstone grinder (20+free shipping+carry bag+"pollen" scraper)..i decided to type in "Marijuana" and see what comes up..when i run across these auctions......


    This guy is also selling seeds to strians such as northern lights, white widow, now im asking how is this allowed? i mean shit,, im all for it but can you grow acaull plants from these? they say theve been does that mean you cant grow with them?

    if its ok to buy them on ebay why cant we buy em off a reputable seed bank?

    thanks all

  2. If they've been sterilized (which I doubt they are) then they will not grow. Honestly, I wouldn't buy seeds on eBay, just buy from a reputable seed bank (like good ole GC ;))
  3. i probably would man but i live in New York...cant get seeds delivered here =(
  4. Not too smart?

    You can too get seeds shipped there.

    I bet that shits going to be taken down from Ebay.The guy will probably get into some legal trouble.Or it could be DEA.

    Just use a reliable seedbank?SEEDBAY all the way.
  5. Don't even bother betting on it.
    Remember the dude that tried to sell coke by the pound on ebay a few years back? It was a joke, but he still got fucked for it. I wish I could find a article :(

  6. i do remember that
  7. dont bother with ebay
    i used doc chronic i think
  8. weed is good
  9. 1 word my friend:

  10. Obvious trap is obvious.
  11. Dead link, moot point.

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