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  1. Hello stoners! right now I'm saving money to purchase some land in the country, right now I'm thinking about 3-5 acres. I want to use pretty much for recreation.

    I'd like to use it as a place to camping on the weekends, personal retreat , random target shooting, using my telescope (free of light polluted areas), a place for friends together, etc. if anyone has any advice on how to go about this process and any tips from past experience it would be great! I appreciate your time.
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  2. Look for property that shares a boundry with a national park or national forest.  That way you will have direct access to public lands and no one will ever build anything next to your land.  Much of my property line is marked by Dept. of the Interior signs that say, "Cherokee National Forest Boundry."  Cherokee forest is 650,000 acres and I have the benefit of easy access whenever I choose.
    Lakefront property is also good if your recreation is mostly during summer.
    Good luck.

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