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Buying in bulk?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jibbs, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Whenever I buy I usually spend $40 and get 8 grams, or just under 1/3 of an ounce. Should I just buy an ounce at once? Is it ok to just keep it in a bag if I did, or should I store it somewhere else?
  2. Buy the ounce and store it in a mason jar.
  3. Buy the O and your dude will probaly give you a slight discount. Probably 120 for the full O or so, as opposed to paying 120 for 24 grams. But, assuming it is low-grade weed (assumption based on $5/g), it probably wont dry out much more than it already is. A jar would be preferable, but meh.
  4. Always buy in bulk.

    Buy twenty-sack .... $20 for 1.7
    ... do that 5 times ....$100 for 8.5 grams

    If you buy $100 worth at once you'll probably get 10 grams ...1.5 grams more!

    It's always worth it buying in bulk! :smoking:
  5. I pick up decent mids for 75-85 an O and keep it in a mason jar. Still sticky a month or 2 later. Usually open to break every Monday for the week.
  6. My buds usually keep the Os in mason jars.
    So now that I helped you (sorta) mind helping me figure out what this strain is?

    Only reason I finally made an account.

    Supposedly this is 2 grams of some dank kush, got an amazing deal for 15$. Not really sure what strain it really is so i'm curious. It's not dry at all and slightly moist when I pushed it down so I could close the bag after opening it.

    Attached Files:

  7. 2 grams?? That looks like a LOT more than 2 grams lol I got 8 grams last week and it was way less than that
  8. Haha well my friend told me this was 2 grams and he basically gave me a 50% discount on it. But I rarely buy bud and when I do it's only from really awesome, close buddies. Maybe the sack looks bigger to you? I've no idea.
  9. Buy as much as you can so much cheaper
  10. [​IMG]

    Well that is AT LEAST 6 grams, I bought 8 but smoked a few bowls before I took that pic. yours seems to be broken up a bit more though
  11. Ok I decided to smoke a few bowls but i'm not sure if I should. It's super light green but there's a couple white fuzzy specs in there. any idea what that is?

  12. You would probably get more help if you posted a new thread... but you need 10 posts. Idk about the specs, sorry man.

  13. Are we looking at the same picture?

    It's shake in a little dime bag...

    There's no way for us to tell you what strain it is though, novalight.

  14. Oh it looked like one of those zip lock freezer bags haha. Nothing to judge the size of it by I guess

  15. Ahh, yeah, I see how it could be tricky on the eyes. :smoking:

  16. post a pic out of the bag with flash if you have it. It could be just dust or something you accidently got in there. I wouldn't worry
  17. FUCK MAN! Here an O is between $280-$300 from a regular dealer. Prices are fucked here.
  18. always buy in bulk unless you smoke very little
  19. Deleted: idk lol
  20. yeah dude, your supply looks like its all shake. why is it grinded? does your buddy not sell nugs?i f you get a bud and post a pic i could prob tell you if its indica or sativa dominant

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