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Buying in bulk, or so...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by uberbuddha, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. My birthday is coming up, and I wanted to get my self a present, while saving some cash

    For the last few deals, I have gotten various headies for 60 a cut ( 3.5 grams). Recently though, I had been thinking of buying in larger quantities, Such as quarter ounces or half ounces. What should I expect the prices to be for these weights as well as others? Would 2 cuts still be 120? Or would I expect it to be 110 dolllars? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. In your case it should be between 110 and 115, but if you hit them up regularly it should drop to 100.

    Expect to be charged 120, though. It happens. Just depends how much weight the dude has

    You're best bet would try to get a half, but normally the price breaks are pretty much the same until it to o
  3. A good dealer gives you price cuts with quantity.

    If you're buying an 8th for 60, then you could probably get a quarter for 110, maybe even less, depending on dealer.

  4. Much appreciated. I think I like what I hear. would a half ounce follow same suit? or would their be more/ less of a discount? like 215?
  5. for where i'm at this is the usual price of really heady herb

    (eigth) 3.5g - 50$
    (quarter) 7g - 100$
    (half) 14g - 170$
    (oz) 28g - 300

    also this is just standard pricing, since im really chill with my guy he hooks me up super fat
  6. If you're getting a half, it shouldn't be more than 200. People who are willing to sell halves have some form of weight. That's a little bit of a break.
  7. Them is some silly good prices

  8. That is fantastic. I should buy in bulk all the time. Good bits of cash saved. I dont mind it at all, but why are discounts given out by dealers for bulk deals?
  9. Economy of scale. By selling more, they can move more product, and make more profit than if they sold small quantities at a higher margin.

    Economies of scale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'm a business major lol

  10. Havent taken economics for a while, but that makes sense. Does it also have to do with the illegality of cannabis? For example offloading more at a time for less of a risk?
  11. No, it is a general business practice.

    It's why you can get two gatorades for $3 at the gas station instead of one for $1.99.
  12. wow weed if expensive where you live... i could get a quarter ounce of bomb kush for 60-70
  13. I wasn't aware a quarter or a half is considered "bulk."

    Expect to save a few bucks. Buy a QP if you really want to save money.
  14. I'm about to get a half ounce this weekend. I don't know if I should get 2 different strains and 7 grams of each or just get 4 strains and an eighth of each. :confused:
  15. #15 uberbuddha, Aug 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2011
    Pennsylvania isnt an MMJ state. I dont know where you live but that seems a bit... off in price. Is it a personal contact? Or are you certain you are picking up headies? I might be out on a limb but those prices seem ridiculous

    Edit: You live in Toronto. That is why. Northern continental US tends to be expensive from what I have seen, as well as non MMJ areas. Ohio has way cheap prices, and it is decrim'ed there as well

  16. The 2 quarters might cost u less than 4 1/8ths....depending on if ur guy wants to be a dick about it...

  17. If the discount is given, I would put a vote for 4 different strains. You can mix and match the strains for different effects or highs.
  18. In Minnesota, st cloud/minneapolis area, these are the prices i get.

    8th- $60
    Half o- 170-180
    Oz- 320-340
  19. @NNK Yeah, I'm gonna have to see what's up, but I wouldn't mine paying a little more for a bigger variety.

    @uberbuddha Yeah, that's why I even considered that option in the first place.

    Anyways, thanks guys :smoke:
  20. the dude with 60-70 1/4s of kush is in Canada man

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