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Buying Homegrown

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Easy_Skanking, May 28, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    So my mate (X) owes me money, but has offered to pay me back in weed. This is the convo I just had with him:

    20:15:37] X says:
    its home grown
    [20:15:41] X says:
    so t looks wierd
    [20:15:46] Me says:
    how so?
    [20:16:15] X says:
    dno alot more leafs
    [20:16:22] X says:
    you will see tomorrow
    [20:16:26] Me says:
    [20:16:28] Me says:

    Sounds a bit sketchy to me. What does he mean by a lot more leaves? And how is the appearence of home grown different to the imported stuff I normally get?

  2. He probably just hasn't trimmed it very well, so it'll appear very different from most high quality trimmed/cured weed. You should ask him for more than normal weights, as a large percentage of the weights will be leaves/stems, this way you'll get a bit more. You might have to cure the weed yourself, as if he hasn't gone to the trouble of trimming it, he probably hasn't cured it either, so it'd be a waste to smoke it straight :)
  3. And how do I go about curing it?
  4. upside down by the stem in a dark room, go to the general indoor growing for more info
  5. send it to me:cool:
  6. Nah dude, thats called drying. Curing is done in airtight jars and releasing air periodically.

    Its probably not manicured properly or it might be puffier and outdoors
  7. Dont take it if its too leafy, in that case hes just trying to add false weight to the buds but not trimming/mannicuring them.
    and thats how you DRY the buds^^ not how to cure them.
    If they are still very wet, put them in a paper bag for a few days to a week or so, then get some airtight glass mason jars(kind with a 2 part metal lid), and keep it out of direct light, and 'burp' the jar by opening it everyday for around a half hour for a few weeks.
  8. my bad i apologize for the false info

  9. Yep, what Dale said.

    And you CAN smoke it without it being cured. The flavors just wont be as nice and developed. It will be a bit harsh. Just try it and see.
  10. Curing is neccesary IMO, it takes out moisture so that it burns better, makes it more potent, and gives it a MUCH better taste and smell.
  11. Wanker. I picked it up today and just spent the past 5 minutes removing seeds and twigs. I weighed it afterward I'd lost a whole grams worth. I told my buddy and he was very apologetic, making up with a 2g lump of hash. So I'm not complaining anymore :D

    Yeah it's not crystalised at all. At the moment it's in my cupboard in an old film canister. I'll try the glass jar in the sun.
  12. Dont put it in the sun, light degrades THC.


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