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  1. I want to buy from Seed Centre. I have already gathered information, they are good yes? Well I could order with my DC, but I don't know what it will show up as if i order it. Like the reason the money is taken out. Anybody understand what I'm saying? Is there any way i could buy without a DC or CC? Anybody happen to know if the Kilimanjaro strain is any good? Or any good outdoor strains, for the Northeast. Need a tough guy from disease and frost and other things. Thanks. :wave:
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    Outdoor strains for the Northeast need to finish early. This means mostly indica strains and some fast finishing sativas.

    Some information from my files:

    Mould resistant strains:

    Mountan Mist from - hybrid, strong mould resistance

    Guerrila's Gusto from Sensi Seeds - mostly indica hybrid, hardy and large growing pest resistant strain

    Kaya Gold from Nirvanashop - hybrid leaning towards sativa, hardy and pest resistant (my choice for 2012 season along with Northern Lights, Aurora Indica, Guerrila's Gusto and Blue Mystic

    Early sativas:

    Mandala #1 from Mandala - mostly sativa, very potent, early finish, mold and pest resistance - sold out until July 2012 (check seedbanks for stock)

    Biddy Early from Magus Genetics - mostly sativa, classic xmas tree shap

    Purple Power from - mostly sativa, tall

    Purple Maroc from Female Seeds - strong mould resistance, mostly sativa

    Easy Sativa from Female seeds - big producer outdoors, unreliable indoors

    August/September finishers:

    Guerilla Gold #3 from Smoke-a-Lot Seeds - early, potent, ruderalis/indica/sativa

    Some information from Jorge Cervantes:
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    Well they said in my CC it will say something discrete as the company name so maybe the same with a DC.
  4. Wow thanks alot Hipster. I will look into those strains. And thanks too you too dead. Some input is better than none.

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