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  1. I am wondering about buying from a seed bank. How risky is it in real terms? I run a business I can't but in danger as too many people rely on me being there for them. That said going to Jail ain't a option. When I was younger and dumber I did 6 months of a 3 year term on my head before early release so going ain't a personal fear to me. I just can't put my guys out of work over 40-50 seeds. But I want to try some of the feminized seeds out there. Tips, info, help are all very welcome. I need a yield of 30-35 plants or so for a friend of mine. She loves to smoke and I like to f#ck if you know what I am Let me know.

    KY Logger Guy
  2. None of us can afford to go to jail, but if you are that concerned about it and feel that kind of responsibility then I advise not growing, that's where the real risk is for you. But if you decide to do it...

    There are quite a few reports on this and other forums about seeds from seed banks being intercepted, and they all end the same way: Customs opened the package, confiscated the beans and inserted a nasty letter then sent the package on to the recipient. But that's all, no law enforcement showing up on the doorstep.

    Some tips: order from a seedbank that ships through the UK or Canada -- if you worked at Customs how would you look at a package from Amsterdam? Two very reputable ones that re-route their shipments through the UK are Dr. Chronic and Gypsy Nirvana (unplanted seeds are not illegal in the UK). Also, don't use a credit card, send cash or a money order. I know that involves a lot of faith, but there are tons of folks with happy-ending stories about sending cash and money orders, at least to these two seedbanks. The easy defense if the law ever comes after you for a seed shipment is that you don't know anything about it, but that's kind of hard to do with a paper trail on the credit card statement. Finally, a lot of folks advise shipping the beans to an address that is different than where the grow will be, on the theory that if a search warrant ever is issued it's an extra step between you and the handcuffs. Get a P.O. Box or a private mailbox.

    Hope this helps.

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