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    Just in case you were thinking of Buying from Sannies Seeds???

    Please do.

    I found the experience rewarding as it always is when dealing with professionals.

    Prior to ordering I emailed 3/4 times with questions & always got an answer within 24 hours. After ordering 1 more email with a question, same thing.

    The stealth shipping method was priceless as I would have never known there were seeds in there just by looking. I thought there'd been a mistake made or someone was pulling my leg but had to laugh when I figured it out, and no charge for stealth.

    The only question that remains is genetics, but from my research thats not going to be an issue. Sannies got the goods.

    Price? After adding in the freebies I wound up getting almost 3 times the seeds that I got from the most popular bank on my last order for just an additional $12. First order, English company $135.00 Second order Sannies $147.00

    Being a noob to growing and ordering from companies not in America finding legitimate breeders is important.

    Like I said Sannies got the goods.:hello:

    Cheers & good growing,


    EDIT: Actually I recieved 2 times the seeds for the additional $12. I have to stop counting seeds after I get ripped, lol.
    Happy holidays everyone
  2. sannies is one of my Favs.

    what did you get? just got my Caramels from Dynasty in last wed.
  3. Hi Wharf,
    I got Sannies Jack F7, Jackberry F3 & Extrema. The freebies were something called Madshack.
    Big difference paying $135 for 10 seeds & 3 freebies and $147 for 25 seeds & 5 freebies I like the difference.
    Cheers & Happy Holidays,

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