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Buying for the first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ExtremeMDK, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. #1 ExtremeMDK, Feb 2, 2013
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    I already went through the whole process. Now, I'm awaiting his call.

    My question is; wouldn't it be better to just let them know how much I am willing to spend? say 50$,70$.

    Or should I talk to him about prices? wouldn't that be sketchy? - Talking on the phone about this shit, I mean.

    Any help would go a long way.

    Update; dude said he was at work and told me he'd call. He hasn't called yet.. should I wait, text him or call him back??
  2. If you say how much you want to spend, your dealer might (correctly) assume you're new and take advantage of it. Just ask how much for an eighth or whatever's around your price range.

    It's not sketchy on the phone unless you're texting.
  3. Always ask prices, don't let dealers take advantage over you like most try
  4. Dude how much money are you trying to spend?
  5. Definitely dont tell him how much you wanna spend, ask for a certain amount. Buy an eighth and dont spend anymore than 60.
  6. Buy an eighth MAX.

    Keep that shit at a low level in case the guy decides to rip you off.
  7. ya id go with something smaller if you have more then one guy buy an eigth from the guy cant really tell you a price cause they vary and then a scale...

    if its not 3.5 or damn close to it.... dont call him no mo
  8. Don't make it harder than it is op. You must have met this person one way or another? Or is it a blind call to an Unknown connect?

    Either way, decide how much you want. (20Twin, 35HalfQuarter, 70Quarter, etc). Ask your dealer how much for said amount. Accept or Decline his offer. *Declining his offer will most likely not get you a lower price, and will most likely annoy him/her.* :p

    Meet him (the more the place is public, the safer it is for you). Hand him money *AFTER* you ask to see the product. Since it is your first time... You give him the money he gives you the product at the same time, would be best.

    Enjoy, post pictures in the stash jar.

    Scoob :smoking:
  9. dude said he was at work and told me he'd call. He hasn't called yet.. should I wait, text him or call him back??
  10. Shit it's Friday night he's probably busy. Don't call him back man, let him think you have other dealers. If he knows he's your sole source he will not hesitate to take his sweet time or short your bags. Call him back on Monday.

    Ask how much for an 1/8. If he says something around $40-60, cool it's dank and an alright deal. If he sounds confused or says something closer to $10-$30, it's regs or mids but still pick it up. Buy a scale and scale it out at home.
  11. cool then, thanks!

  12. Well I would wait until really late (make sure he is done work), then maybe send him a text saying hello what's up.

    Remember this guy you're dealing with, yeah he's a guy... just an ordinary person. (Maybe a crack-head-junkie-dealer or maybe a business-man-puttingfoodonhistable). Sometimes your gut feeling will be better than that of a forum post.

    It won't hurt to ask him once, but DO NOT annoy your dealer! :smoking:
  13. Keep us updated on how this goes! Im in a new area, so i dont know anyone, and i have never bought weed before so this might be a little helpful for me if i can ever man up and ask around to find a dealer. lol
  14. You should be able to get a fourth for $30-60 depending on where you live

    Just ask him how much he charges, and go from there.
  15. But through a phone call not texts right? texts are too risky no?
  16. Some dealers hate calls.
    Some dealers hate texts.
    It's all about our guy.
  17. You get your bud op?

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