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Buying for first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whatigot, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Im about to go buy for my first time, my friend says hes legit and lives right by me. aprently he puts some E in it. i dont know why cz all he sells is weed why waste the extra money

    what will this do :confused_2:

    ive only been smoking for a month so should i get it from him or find someone else
  2. Don't mean to bash , but him saying he puts Ecstasy in his weed , makes me think he's not very legit.
  3. i doubt anyone would put ecstasy on their weed, waste of money/I dont even think it would work well
  4. My personal opinion is no, I would go with someone else or some that you know is not laced, but that is just me.
  5. He does NOT put E in it. He only said this to make his shit sound real good and to make you buy it. I would buy from him if i were you. try it out. And if there is E in it, then you will only feel high just 10 time better.
  6. :smoke:ill just go buy a 5 bag from him when i get my paycheck see if i like it
  7. what are you paying for 5 grams of this "E weed"???
  8. just make sure its not coal
    that will fuck you up
  9. dont know yet just heard about it today but my friend said pretty average prices, personally i think hes just full of shit and tells u theres ecstacy like a placebo
  10. thats exactly what hes doing....
  11. alright thanks guys just wanted to check with some people who knew wtf theyre talkin about. kinda nervous but i gotta stop mooching
  12. If your that worried about the weed being laced just ask the dealer to smoke down after you buy the sack. If he's sketchy about it that should tell you something. But really I wouldn't be too worried about it man, make sure you just relax its not -that- big of a deal after all. :wave:
  13. my dad died of drugs and my moms a crack whore now so im kinda scared of drugs. but i guess ur right just chill and enjoy
  14. whoaa hold up big spender!

    You really shouldn't buy from someone who says they lace their bud with X....
  15. You guys do know that when E is burned all of the mind-altering chemicals are destroyed
  16. Ask him if it's laced, if he says yes, well if it's me i'd say fuck that, keep it green!!!

    But if what this guy says is true ^^^ then you won't get anything out of it.
  17. 2 Hands Working Do More Than 1000 Hands Praying

  18. ^^ Damn right :D I guess that only crosses your mind when you come from a working class family :confused_2:

  19. this is the greatest thing i've ever heard. perfection in a sentence

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