Buying first bong.

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  1. I'm going to try and buy a bong. I want a glass one. And I have to buy an ash catcher also. I have about 110 to spend total. What's a good bong and catcher I can get for that? And maybe a cheap diffuser.
    I have a 15% off from this site if I use it.
  2. Yea but you also have massive shipping costs that will be more than your 15% discount
  3. First priority: Craigslist/eBay/iOffer. You're probably gonna get the best deal here
    Second: If you're tight with the people at your LHS, I'd recommend going there cuz you can usually get stuff at like 20-40 bucks below sticker price
    Third: Online sites. Tbh, I wouldn't buy from here (grasscity), the glass here doesn't suit my tastes, but it may suit yours, so do what you want if you see something you like. There's multiple sites that sell glass, just check to make sure they're legitimate, check shipping prices (most have em shipped free), and cross reference the item of your choice with other sites to make sure you don't pay too much for an item)

    I saved my ass 100 bucks by getting an 11-arm ashcatcher with 33 slits for 35 bucks on iOffer instead of buying one from my LHS (which normally has good prices, I was surprised) with a bit higher quality glass. But when you think of it, it's only gonna fuckin break if I drop the bitch, so if I don't drop it the lesser glass quality doesn't mean shit, and if I do drop it, it doesn't necessarily mean the higher quality glass is gonna hold either, and if it does break at least I'm not out $130.

    I know this doesn't really tell you what you should buy, but that all depends on your taste (I love zongs) and what you can get with that money.

  4. I looked on those three sites and only found a few things. Is there something wrong because there's not a bong on amazon or eBay in my view and only a few on ioffer. There isn't a good head shop in a hundred miles.
  5. Look for 'glass waterpipe', some places aren't allowed to use the word 'bong.' And I guess some sites just don't sell smoking devices.

    I'd check craigslist then, on iOffer though there's like 100+ bongs I think you just have to use different wordings 'waterpipe, water pipe, bong, bubbler, glass pipe, etc' I just found iOffer a couple weeks ago, I've had positive results so far, you just gotta look.
  6. local unless you can get one free shipping id say. honestly 110 isnt much for a bong but if you go local and ask for a deal they might give you a free ashcatcher with a 100 dollar bong or something like that. i paid around 300 for this whole setup with the nirto torch Ti nail and oil rig after last harvest. sticker on it all was around 400 tho i just askes for a hookup n got one.


  7. sorry i failed to read no good headshop in 100 miles i wouldnt take any chances online tho order from somewhere reputible like here or ery1doit (u know what i mean just not tryin to advertize). next month im drivin 300 miles to get a new custom dab setup in a big city just sayin it could be worth the drive but probably not for a benjis worth of glass
  8. Check out Ssgf travel tubes
  9. Black leaf on GC has some good buys :D

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