Buying first bong need input

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  1. Okay man if this is going to be your first bong that looks humongous :eek:

    My friends second bong was a $150 china glass bong with 3 percs and an a/c similar to yours. The thing dragged like no ones business and since we were all relatively new to bongs back then, we always got the bud in the bowl soaked from water pulling up into it.

    If you're looking to purchase your first bong, I'd try to get something sturdy before going crazy with percs and stuff.

    Try googling SSFG (Soul Shine Family Glass)

    They have travel straight shooters and beakers for $60 I believe. And you can easily get a diffused showerhead a/c and the disk diffused slide and that would be aroun $100.

    For the price, the quality of SSFG's glass is amazing. Really durable and can take a knock or two, the add on's to their bongs would also function a lot better than the gimmicky looking add ons to that one.

    A friend of mine got his 10" Straight from SSFG as his first bong... Still has it to this day and loves it :hello:

    You can also get something custom done, just try emailing SSFG and seeing what they an do for you with $150.
  2. For a first (and IMO any) bong thats to excessive, what it goes for in quantity it lacks in quality. My mate had a percolated double chambered bong 8 arm slitted, diffused stem the works n shit, i found my simple 45cm beaker bong with diffused stem and ice catcher was a lot stronger/thicker (knocked it on counter a good couple of times and it hasnt shown any signs of damage) and it actually smoked smoother and with less drag. Quality > quantity my friend.
  3. LListen to this dude and go to SSFG, black leaf and weed start kinda suck and wtf is a 3 arm perc?

    Buy a SSFG travel tube, invest in a decent ash catcher and a disc diffused slide.

    thank me later.

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